Elegant Winter Wedding at the Bourne Mansion

I had an image of what winter weddings look like and this elegant celebration blew that idea out the window. Held at the stunning Bourne Mansion, the ceremony was outside with the florals and beauty of the bride’s dress showing off gorgeously against the crisp winter skies. Robert And Kathleen worked their magic and caught it all and these photos have me completely rethinking winter weddings from now on.








From Robert And Kathleen Photographers… When Jenna and Alex first met, it could have been the perfect time for the start of a romance. They were living in the same state, in the same city, on the same campus even, both students at Yale. They were going through a similar life experience, she was in her second year while he was a junior. Both of them trying to navigate the tricky terrain of college life while simultaneously laying a solid pathway to their future careers. They understood one another and knew how to make each other laugh. They would smile when they saw one another and, if things had been different, they could have sparked a relationship back then, connecting over coffee on campus or having a first date at one of the famous pizza places in New Haven. But in that point of their lives, while the logistics may have seemed perfect, the timing just wasn’t right.

Two years later, Jenna received an unexpected email. It was Alex, reaching out to reconnect. He wanted to see how she was doing and, though he didn’t say it, he was looking to see if there was the potential to now turn that friendship into something more. By all accounts, that should have been an inconvenient time to start a romance. They were living in two different states, in two different cities, nearly 100 miles apart. They were going through two different experiences. Jenna was finishing up school in Connecticut while he was embarking on his career in New York City. They could have been discouraged about the idea of a long distance relationship, with train rides and heartfelt conversations over the phone rather than face to face. But in that moment, at that point in their lives, the timing was perfect. They enjoyed the long phone conversations getting to know one another in this new light. They looked forward to the train rides because with each inch of track they traveled they were getting closer to one another. When Jenna graduated, she enrolled in medical school in New York. Finally, they were in the same city again. Now they were living a shared life experience, navigating the road of young adulthood side by side.

A few years later, Alex bought Jenna a ring. He had known that he wanted to marry her since shortly after they reconnected so many years before. Now it was just a matter of finding the perfect time to ask the question. He booked a room at the Palace Hotel, planning to ask Jenna in their gorgeous courtyard. Only when he arrived that day, he found that the courtyard was covered in scaffolding. But he didn’t let that discourage him. The timing might have seemed wrong, there may have been obstacles in his way, but that had never stopped them before and he wasn’t about to let it now. He arranged for a beautiful suite in the hotel and when Jenna arrived he dropped down to one knee and asked her to be his wife. Just as she had years before, Jenna said yes. Yes to the man who started out as her friend and turned into so much more. Yes to the life they had started to build together. Yes to the future that she began to dream of so many years before when she received that unexpected email from the guy who always knew how to make her smile.

Photography: Robert And Kathleen Photographers | Floral Design: Pedestals Floral Decorators | Reception Venue: The Bourne Mansion | Shoes: Kate Spade | Bridesmaids’ Dresses: Amsale | Caterer: Lessings | Make-up: Jason Ascher | Hair: Chris Lospalluto | DJ: DJ Con Of 74 Events | Bridal Gown: Amsale

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