Hollywood-Inspired Connecticut Wedding

When it came time for these college cuties to tie the knot, they wanted to throw one glamorous affair. Dana Bartone & Company ensured all eyes were on the beautiful Bride while Robert & Kathleen Photographers captured all the merriment. Bursting with gold sequins and a beautiful J Cakes masterpiece, the gallery is the perfect place to see it all!





Private Club

From Robert & Kathleen Photographers… Even though they met as college undergrads at UConn, Stacey and Pat had almost an old-fashioned courtship when they met up again years after graduation. They got to know each other slowly, thoughtfully, over the course of several evenings spread apart over a few months, like people would have in the days before text messaging and e-mails shortened the formality of communication.

It was UConn that brought them together once again for the first time after graduation, at an alumni happy hour in NYC. When their eyes met across the room, they each seemed familiar and brand new to one another all at the same time. It was as though they were suddenly seeing each another in a brand new light. Stacey was drawn to Pat’s relaxed, confident nature and easy-going personality. Pat was taken by Stacey’s bright smile and her excitement for life.

They would return to those happy hours every time one was scheduled, not making official plans to meet again but always being relieved to see one another’s face in the crowded bar when they arrived. They weren’t fully admitting that the one of the reasons they made it a point to attend was to see one another. Each time, they would talk a little longer and laugh a little harder than the time before. Pat had been hoping to ask Stacey out since that very first happy hour but had been hesitant to ask for her number for fear of ruining this good thing they were steadily building. The night he left the happy hour with her number programed into his phone, he was smiling as though it was the crowning achievement of his life.

Their first date was to PJ Clark’s where the sparks flew and a lively debate began about just which restaurant had the best burger in NYC. They planned their second date to try out Stacey’s favorite burger place. A third date followed shortly after and pretty soon Stacey and Pat were spending nearly all their free time together – cheering for opposing baseball teams in the summer, rooting for the Giants in the winter and together taking care of Stacey’s beloved dog, Tate. They tried more burgers, went on adventures and fell head over heels in love. Four short years after that first date, Pat asked Stacey to marry him.

When she said yes, he knew that was the true greatest moment of his life so far. That is, until their wedding day, when they returned to Connecticut. When they gathered their friends and family together in the state that ultimately brought them together. There, surrounded by all their family and friends, they became husband and wife. Safe to say that when Pat saw Stacey walking down the aisle to him, he was smiling even brighter than he was four years earlier when he walked out of a bar in NYC with the phone number of the prettiest girl he had ever seen and the inkling that maybe she was the one.

From the beautiful Bride… We met in college at the University of Connecticut, but it wasn’t until years later when we both moved to New York City that we’d run into each other at an alumni happy hour and see each other in a new light. We quickly realized we shared the same passions in life: career driven, family obsessed and always up for hosting a good party. A casual drink, led to a memorable date, and year after year of summers any place nautical and winters anywhere skiing, we knew there was no looking back.

We were together for 5 years when Pat proposed. His proposal was a perfect example of everything our relationship stood for. There was dinner, there was champagne, there was family, and there was Tate – our beloved puggle.

We went out for dinner at one of our favorite restaurants, for what I thought was, to celebrate Pat passing the Series exams. While at dinner my sister had come by our apartment to put champagne on ice and secure the ring around Tate’s collar. She went back to her apartment and anxiously awaited our phone call.

When we arrived home from dinner our dog sprinted to the door to greet us, per usual, and when I noticed the ring, I looked over at Pat to find him down on one knee asking me to marry him. Before I could even grasp what was happening, I got down on one knee too to kiss him (and once I was able to stop crying, say Yes!).

We spent the next half hour calling each member of our family to share the exciting news. After we spoke to each of them, we poured a glass of champagne and before we could even finish it, there was a knock at the door. On the other side of the door awaited both of our entire families (all previously together laughing as I called each of them) with coolers of champagne ready to celebrate.

It was the most perfect night I could have ever imagined, surrounded by all the people we love most.

Working in Merchandising at Tiffany & Co., I am constantly surrounded by beautiful jewelry so clearly picking our wedding bands was one of my favorite parts. I’m a huge fan of mixing metals so decided to go with the new Soleste diamond band rings, in each metal (Platinum, Yellow Gold, Rose Gold) that I could stack together or wear separately. Pat opted for a traditional Platinum band, which I got engraved for him with our favorite quote.

By far my favorite part of the planning process was searching with my mom for the PERFECT wedding dress. We probably tried on every dress in Manhattan, and for a woman of many words, it was when she was finally drawn speechless that I knew we had found “the one.” My Oscar De La Renta gown had the most impeccable construction and remarkable textured ruffles that I instantly glowed every time I had it on. My mom and I kept the dress a secret from everyone until the day of the wedding, where we had so much fun with the big reveals!

My shoes were the perfect mix of classic but modern peep toes. The pale gold color and the pop of red soles went perfect with our color scheme, and the blue insoles doubled these shoes as my “Something Blue.”

Although I work in the jewelry industry, my most treasured piece of jewelry comes from my grandmother. A few years ago she designed a pair of earrings for me out of the diamonds from her engagement ring, which I always knew I would wear to my wedding, and that I will surely pass down to my children to wear to theirs. They were the most meaningful “Something Old” I could have ever asked for.

I wanted a simple hairstyle that would compliment the neckline of my dress and would stay in place throughout the night.

More importantly, I have to give a shout out to my sister who spent months prior to the wedding “training” her part to the opposite side so we can have different “good sides” in pictures. If that isn’t the meaning of the best maid of honor ever, I don’t know what is!

My beautiful eight bridesmaids are my best friends in the world and I really wanted them to stand out and look glamorous. I hunted for a while for the exact “pop of red” that would be the perfect amount of timeless glam and add a fun pop of color. Their look was completed with gold strappy shoes and their white bouquets had black and white stripped ribbon, tying their look in with the groomsmen.

I’ve spent most of my career in the fashion industry working at Ralph Lauren and Tiffany & Co. What I love about these companies is their long history of being timeless but finding ways to stay modern. In many ways this is what I love about Pat too. He’s an old school gentleman on one hand, but has such a passion for life, that can only be defined as modern. I adapted this concept as I came up with my vision to craft a look that would withstand time but with a modern twist. Think Gatsby meets Kate Spade.

The style for our wedding day truly reflected the two of us, combining New York glam with Connecticut prep. We kept the color pallet to black and white with gold accents and pops of red. We incorporated elements from our parent’s weddings by mixing a timeless look of bow ties, suspenders and top hats with modern patterns of stripes and polka dots.

Every detail had a significance behind it, which made it so much fun to plan—from Pat’s back Sperry’s and our vintage ski guest book, to the puggle peaking out of our wedding cake, and the late night snacks passed around in Mets/Yankee hats.

Photography: Robert & Kathleen Photographers | Wedding Dress: Oscar De La Renta | Cake: J Cakes | Shoes: Christian Louboutin | Bridesmaids’ Dresses: Watters | Hair & Makeup: Dana Bartone & Company | Band: Peat Moss And The Fertilizers | Bow Ties: Brooks Brothers | Groomsmen’s Attire: Robbie’s Suits NYC | Venue: New Haven Lawn Club | Bridal Boutique: Mark Ingram Bridal Atelier | Wedding Rings: Tiffany & Co.

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