Navy Blue and Coral Rustic Wedding, Coral Bridesmaid Dresses

If you find yourself dreaming of a rustic wedding and have a hard time choosing a color scheme, navy and coral combos might be a good choice. Navy blue is not the easiest color to play with and to combine with, but paring it with coral, it will be advantageous. The look will be romantic and sweet, for example, girls in coral bridesmaid dresses, the best men and groom in navy blue suits with coral ties, navy blue table cloth, navy blue and coral jars, invitation print with coral and navy blue letters, table number decorate with coral flowers and navy blue number.

navy men suits coral bridesmaid dresses white bridal gown for navy blue and coral wedding color navy coral rustic

Navy Blue and Coral Outdoor Wedding, Navy Blue Men Suit

Outdoor weddings are fun for all people because it helps to set a tranquil and romantic mood that makes everyone comfortable and relaxed. Navy and coral palette can make a wedding more romantic and dreamy. You can choose coral bridesmaid dresses and bouquets, navy blue men suits and coral ties, navy blue gift bags decorate with coral bowtie, white wedding cake decorate with coral flowers, coral table number, flower decoration and drinks.

white bridal gown navy men suit coral bridesmaid dresses for navy blue and coral wedding color navy coral outdoor

Navy Blue, Coral and Gold Wedding, Coral Bridesmaid Dresses

Bold combination of navy blue and the coral is a unique and amazing, with some gold to emphasize this palette is perfect. Dress up your bridesmaid in coral dresses and choose gold bouquets for them. Put the white wedding cake that decorate with navy blue ribbon and coral flowers on gold cake stand, put coral flowers in gold vases, dress the best men in black suits and navy blue ties, cover the wedding table and chairs with navy blue cloth.

navy men suits coral bridesmaid dresses white bridal gown for navy blue and coral wedding color navy coral gold

Navy Blue and Coral Beach Wedding, Coral Bridesmaid Dresses

If you want to make your wedding special and memorable, a beach wedding is definitely an excellent choice. Navy and coral are ideal for beach weddings. Coral bridesmaid dress, navy blue men suits, bathing suits, table cloth, table number and iinvitation, white wedding cake dotted with coral flowers… all of these will create an romantic atmosphere.

navy blue men suits coral bridesmaid dresses white bridal gown for navy blue and coral wedding color beach

Red, Black and Pink Wedding, Black Wedding Cake, Red and Pink Bouquet

If rustic or vintage is your style, the red black and pink palette you will love. It can be performed in many different ways.The bride dressed in white bridal gown, with holding the red and light pink bouquet. Guys including the groom can rock black suits and add some blush boutonnieres. Decorate the table with red and pink flower centerpieces or get the black welcome board… Get inspired by the gorgeous ideas below!

white bridal gown black mens suit and red and pink bouquet for red and black wedding colors red black and pink

Red, Black and Silver Wedding, Black Bridesmaid Dresses, Red and Silver Table Setting

Choosing the right color theme for your wedding is not an easy task. There are so many combinations out there, but if you really want a stunning wedding, go for red, black and silver. The silver tableware, red flower centerpieces, cake embellishments, black name card, and silver branch with red roses are the best evidences. As to the attire, either choose black strapless bridesmaid dresses with red wedding shoes, or black men’s suit with red tie, they all look gorgeous.

black bridesmaid dresses and mens suit with red tie for red and black wedding colors red black and silver

Red, Black and Purple Wedding, Black Bridal Gown, Red and Black Bouquet

Love a dark & moody palette especially for a fall wedding? A deep rich red black and purple color palette is the most ideal shade for late autumn and early winter months. It’s elegant & dramatic and so unique. A bride can forgot the white wedding gown and grace herself with a gorgeous black gown and holding the red and black bouquet. We love the black purple wedding cake dotted with red roses and the perfect black and purple table setting. The black and purple coffin ring box add that extra dramatic ambience to the scene.

black bridal gown and red bouquet for red and black wedding colors red black and purple

Red, Black and Gold Wedding, Black and Gold Wedding Cake Dotted with Red Flowers

Black itself is common, but when combine it with red and gold, it conveys a touch of boldness and creativity. This styled wedding was designed with all dark wedding decor in mind — black bridesmaid dresses, black table cloths, black napkins, black wedding cake. With red and gold accents throughout, this classic wedding is just too gorgeous for words.

black bridesmaid dresses and red wedding shoes for red and black wedding colors red black and gold

Red Black and Green Wedding, Red Bridesmaid Dresses, Black Wraps

If your dream is to use festive Christmas colors, then a combination of red black and green will look gorgeous. Dressed your girls in red with black wraps will look amazing. The black lantern looks really fancy. Use the pine branch and glass jar with candle as centerpiece, compaired with red and black plaid table runner, the table will look bright and rustic. All of these will create a romantic feel to your wedding.

red bridesmaid dresses with black wraps for red and black wedding colors red black and green

Red, Black and Yellow Wedding, Red Bridesmaid Dresses, Red and Yellow Bouquets

We love these striking colours of bold red black and yellow. They add a touch of glamour and sophistication to the wedding. White brodal gown, black men’s suits and red bridesmaid dresses with red and yellow bouquets, black aisle with red petals, red tablecloth, black tableware and yellow centerpieces… If that sounds right to you, read on and get inspired!

red bridesmaid dresses and black mens suit for red and black wedding colors red black and yellow