Purple and Blue Winter Wedding, Blue Bridesmaid Dresses

If you are preparing for your winter wedding celebration, the combination of purple and blue will make your big day stand out. Royal blue is so noble and elegant, it looks so subtle when combining with purple. Royal blue bridesmaid dresses, purple bouquets with royal blur ribbon, white wedding ceremony arch decorate with purple flower, royal blue napkin , white wedding invitation print with blue and purple flower, royal blue table number and flowers setting on wedding table… The whole wedding looks so gorgeous.

purple bouquets and blue bridesmaid dresses for blue purple green purple and blue wedding

Purple and Blue Summer Wedding, Purple Wedding Arch

The navy blue and light purple are soft and cold colors which can creates a cool, romantic vibe on a summer wedding day. You can choose navy blue or light purple dresses for your bridesmaids, choose navy blue men suit for your groom, decorate your purple wedding ceremony arch with white and purple flowers, make white wedding cake with white and lavender flowers.

blue mothers dress and purple bridesmaid dresses for blue purple purple and blue wedding

Purple and Blue Spring Wedding, Purple Bridesmaid Dresses

If you love spring weddings, maybe you will love colorful wedding palettes.Purple and blue is perfect for your spring wedding because they are both strong colors. This color palette will make your wedding unforgettable. Here are some ideas: purple bridesmaid dresses, blue wedding cake dotted with purple flower, groom’s purple tie, purple table runner, purple and blue bouquet…

all kinds of purple bridesmaid dresses for purple purple and blue wedding

Purple and Blue Rustic Wedding, Purple Bridesmaid Dresses

Blue and purple are great colors to create a romantic and dreamy atmosphere for your special day, especially for rustic weddings.This color palette can applied in every elements of your wedding, such as purple bridesmaid dresses, blue and purple bouquet, blue wedding cake with some purple flowers, light blue men suit and purple bow tie, flower decoration and table numbers in both the two colors.

blue bow tie and blush flower girl for blue purple and blue wedding

Burgundy and Champagne in Church Wedding, Mismatched Bridesmaid Dresses

Timeless style has an understated elegance and a sense of tradition, but with a Classic feel. Envision a church wedding surrounded by friends and loved ones to witness you marry your best friend. Girls in mismatced burgundy and champagne bridesmaid dresses, holding burgundy and green bouquets, groomsmen wearing navy blue suits with burgundy ties, and the wedding ceremony decorated with gold and champagne decorations… The church wedding looks so wonderful.

mismatched bridesmaid dresses for burgundy and champagne church wedding

Burgundy and Champagne in Rustic Wedding, Burgundy Bridesmaid Dresses

Bring the drama with these romantic hues. Ebullient burgundy can set the warm tone for a rustic country wedding in the table settings, wedding bouquets, and the flower centerpieces, while the neutral champagne can soften the atmosphere in wedding favors and table decorations. Also, burgundy bridesmaid dresses will make your girls look more lovely outdoors in the country.

burgundy bridesmaid dresses for burgundy and champagne rustic wedding

Burgundy and Champagne in Beach Wedding, Champagne Bridesmaid Dresses and Navy Suits

Any seaside and beach wedding is the perfect place to have colors like champagne and burgundy. Burgundy against a light blue will make your wedding look noble and beautiful, and the champagne will draw from the sand and sun around it. Try champagne bridesmaid dresses, burgundy bouquets, white bridal gown, navy blue men’s suit with burgundy boutonniere, and round wedding arch decorated with red flowers and greenery… The whole wedding looks so romantic.

champagne bridesmaid dresses and navy groomsmen suits for burgundy and champagne beach wedding

Burgundy and Champagne in Boho Wedding, Champagne Bridesmaid Dresses

Bohemian weddings are popular with couples of all ages.The combination of Burgundy and champagne makes for a very distinctive Bohemian wedding. Champagne bridesmaid dresses and burgundy bouquets are your first choices. and also choose white wedding sign with tassels , gold wedding arch with burgundy flowers and greenery decorations, boho tablecloth and white name cards…

champagne bridesmaid dresses for burgundy and champagne boho wedding

Best 8 Coral and Turquoise Wedding Color Ideas

Warmer months suit coral and turquoise wedding ideas perfectly, particularly if you’re looking for a fresh, vibrant theme or you’re having a coastal wedding. The awesome thing about coral and turquoise is that they are extremely versatile. Not only are they used in tropical weddings, but they can work with rustic and vintage weddings as well. You can use different shades of these two colors to match the tone you want to set for your wedding. You can use different accent colors like a gold, grey or a navy shade to make your wedding a tropical fiesta, or a bright, sophisticated affair! Here we list the top 8 gorgeous coral and turquoise wedding color combinations that are sure to fit any wedding style and personality.

Best 8 Coral and Turquoise Wedding Color Ideas

Mauve and Grey Spring Wedding, Mauve Bridesmaid Dresses

The palette of mauve and grey is incredible and gorgeous; it will be perfect for your spring wedding. There are so many beautiful centerpieces that can use to adorn your wedding: mauve bridesmaid dresses, white bridal gown, grey groom attire, mauve bowtie, grey rompers and mauve table cloth. These unique wedding ideas for your ceremony are sure to make a last impression.

mauve pink bridesmaid dresses for mauve pink mauve and grey wedding