Gold and Brown Winter Wonderland Wedding, Brown Bridesmaid Dresses

Gold can add a noble, earthy feel or a glamorous, sophisticated vibe. Gold pairs beautifully with brown. This palette is the perfect for a winter wonderland wedding. Check out these wedding setting ideas to find the right one for your style – brown bridesmaid dresses, gold lamps, gold invitation, gold wedding centerpieces and white wedding cake. Get inspired on how to style your big day.

brown bridesmaid dresses with shawls for winter wonderland wedding color gold and brown

Sunflower and Royal Blue Rose Wedding, Roayl Blue Bridesmaid Dresses

The royal blue rose signifies true love, associated with the unattainable. If you want to create a royal spirit of luxury wedding, the royal blue is a the best choice. And adding some sunflowers will definitely make your ceremony shine. Choose royal blue dresses for your bridesmaids and choose sunflowers and royal blue roses in everywhere of your ceremony, such as your wedding cake, bouquets, invitation, boutonniere… With these details, your big day will be amazing.

royal blue bridesmaid dresses with royal blue roses and sunflower bouquets for sunflower and rose wedding sunflower and royal blue rose

Sunflower and White Rose Wedding, Yellow Bridesmaid Dresses

For outdoor weddings, sunflower is a simple but gorgeous choice. Yellow bridesmaid dresses and white bridal gowns are good choices. Also arrange your wedding bouquets, wedding invitations and white wedding cakes with sunflowers and white roses. Last, decorate the groom attires with sunflower and white rose as boutonniere.

white bridal gown yellow bridesmaid dresses sunflower bouquet for sunflower and rose wedding sunflower and white rose

Sunflower and Black Rose Wedding, Black Bridesmaid Dresses

Sunflowers are popular pick for wedding during the summers and fall season. Black is a classic and timeless wedding color in all seasons. The sunflowers will be more outstanding against the black. Sunflower can be used in every details of the wedding , such as decorate the sunflowers on black wedding cake, wedding invitation and dessert… Also you can choose black dresses for your bridesmaid dresses, sunflowers and black roses as bouquets, choose black men suits for groom and the best men.

black bridesmaid dresses sunflower bouquet for sunflower and rose wedding sunflower and black rose

Sunflower and Purple Rose Wedding, Purple Bridesmaid Dresses

Sunflowers are very popular in many brides’ heart with sunny and cheerful yellow pastels. Mostly used in a rustic wedding, sunflowers suitably match with purple roses and greenery which makes them good natural wedding decorations. You can dress your bridesmaids with purple dresses and choose bouquets with sunflowers and purple roses, use sunflowers and purple flowers in flower decorations, decorate the white wedding cake with sunflowers and purple roses, decorate the wedding invitation with sunflower and purple ribbon.

purple bridesmaid dresses white bridal gown sunflower bouquet for sunflower and rose wedding sunflower and purple rose

Blush and Navy Blue Simple Beach Wedding, Blush Bridesmaid Dresses

Elegant and vibrant navy blue cooperate with soft blush will become a blend of masculine and feminine.This combo is bright, a little bit tricky and it is good enough to bring it to your wedding decoration and bride’s and groom’s looks. The groom wear navy suit with blush tie and boutonniere, the bridesmaid in blush dresses, the navy invitation print with blush pattern, the bouquets with blush and navy blue flowers, the navy table cloth and blush napkins… all makes the wedding unforgettable.

blush bridesmaid dresses and navy blue groomsmen attires for navy blue and blush simple beach wedding

Navy Blue and Coral Summer Wedding, Navy Blue Bridesmaid Dresses

The combination of navy and coral wedding colors is elegant and gorgeous, it is a perfect choice for a summer wedding. These two colors are contrasting but look harmonious together: dress your bridesmaids in navy blue dresses and choose coral bouquets for them, dress your groom in navy blue men suit with a coral boutonniere, pick a white wedding cake and decorate it with coral flowers, get your table setting with navy blue table runner and coral napkin, choose navy blue invitation and print it with coral pattern… all makes the wedding romantic and sweet.

navy bridesmaid dresses coral bouquet navy men suit with coral boutonniere for navy blue and coral wedding color navy coral summer

Navy Blue and Coral Spring Wedding, Coral Bridesmaid Dresses

Spring is the season that everything comes back and the best season for couples to live together. The combination of navy blue and coral is unique and amazing for your big day. Such as girls in coral bridesmaid dresses and holding coral bouquets, groom and best men wear navy blue suits, water glass decorate with coral pattern and navy blue bowknot, navy blue paper box decorate with coral bowknot, pillow with navy blue and coral flowers, welcome sign print with navy blue and coral letters, wedding ceremony decorate with navy blue and coral ribbons …

coral bridesmaid dresses navy men suit white bridal gown for navy blue and coral wedding color navy coral spring

Navy Blue and Coral Rustic Wedding, Coral Bridesmaid Dresses

If you find yourself dreaming of a rustic wedding and have a hard time choosing a color scheme, navy and coral combos might be a good choice. Navy blue is not the easiest color to play with and to combine with, but paring it with coral, it will be advantageous. The look will be romantic and sweet, for example, girls in coral bridesmaid dresses, the best men and groom in navy blue suits with coral ties, navy blue table cloth, navy blue and coral jars, invitation print with coral and navy blue letters, table number decorate with coral flowers and navy blue number.

navy men suits coral bridesmaid dresses white bridal gown for navy blue and coral wedding color navy coral rustic

Navy Blue, Coral and Gold Wedding, Coral Bridesmaid Dresses

Bold combination of navy blue and the coral is a unique and amazing, with some gold to emphasize this palette is perfect. Dress up your bridesmaid in coral dresses and choose gold bouquets for them. Put the white wedding cake that decorate with navy blue ribbon and coral flowers on gold cake stand, put coral flowers in gold vases, dress the best men in black suits and navy blue ties, cover the wedding table and chairs with navy blue cloth.

navy men suits coral bridesmaid dresses white bridal gown for navy blue and coral wedding color navy coral gold