Burgundy and Champagne in Church Wedding, Mismatched Bridesmaid Dresses

Timeless style has an understated elegance and a sense of tradition, but with a Classic feel. Envision a church wedding surrounded by friends and loved ones to witness you marry your best friend. Girls in mismatced burgundy and champagne bridesmaid dresses, holding burgundy and green bouquets, groomsmen wearing navy blue suits with burgundy ties, and the wedding ceremony decorated with gold and champagne decorations… The church wedding looks so wonderful.

mismatched bridesmaid dresses for burgundy and champagne church wedding

Burgundy and Champagne in Rustic Wedding, Burgundy Bridesmaid Dresses

Bring the drama with these romantic hues. Ebullient burgundy can set the warm tone for a rustic country wedding in the table settings, wedding bouquets, and the flower centerpieces, while the neutral champagne can soften the atmosphere in wedding favors and table decorations. Also, burgundy bridesmaid dresses will make your girls look more lovely outdoors in the country.

burgundy bridesmaid dresses for burgundy and champagne rustic wedding

Burgundy and Champagne in Beach Wedding, Champagne Bridesmaid Dresses and Navy Suits

Any seaside and beach wedding is the perfect place to have colors like champagne and burgundy. Burgundy against a light blue will make your wedding look noble and beautiful, and the champagne will draw from the sand and sun around it. Try champagne bridesmaid dresses, burgundy bouquets, white bridal gown, navy blue men’s suit with burgundy boutonniere, and round wedding arch decorated with red flowers and greenery… The whole wedding looks so romantic.

champagne bridesmaid dresses and navy groomsmen suits for burgundy and champagne beach wedding

Burgundy and Champagne in Boho Wedding, Champagne Bridesmaid Dresses

Bohemian weddings are popular with couples of all ages.The combination of Burgundy and champagne makes for a very distinctive Bohemian wedding. Champagne bridesmaid dresses and burgundy bouquets are your first choices. and also choose white wedding sign with tassels , gold wedding arch with burgundy flowers and greenery decorations, boho tablecloth and white name cards…

champagne bridesmaid dresses for burgundy and champagne boho wedding

Burgundy and Champagne Wedding in Winter, Champagne Bridesmaid Dresses with Burgundy Shawls

Winter is an amazing time to get married. Champagne and burgundy color are popular colors, and will never go out of style. Champagne bridesmaid dresses paired with burgundy shawls are most common elements in winter weddings. To make the wedding more gorgeous, you can decorate the wedding with burgundy flowers and greenery in everywhere and choose gold tablescape and decorate it with burgundy flowers and some green leaves.

champagne bridesmaid dresses with burgundy shawls for burgundy and champagne winter wedding

Burgundy and Champagne Wedding in Fall, Champagne Bridesmaid Dresses

Champagne making everything look lush and noble! Burgundy is ideal to pair with champagne for your fall wedding. There are so many beautiful items can be used in your wedding: champagne bridesmaid dresses, white bridal gown, navy blue men suite, burgundy bouquets and ribbons, burgundy and champagne flower decorations, champagne wedding shoes…

champagne bridesmaid dresses for burgundy and champagne fall wedding 2

Burgundy and Champagne Wedding in Summer, Champagne Bridal Gown

There are so many ways to incorporate champagne trend into your summer wedding. Burgundy is an elegant, classic and popular color that is perfect to pair with champagne. Champagne can be used for bridal gown, invitations and flower decor. You can choose navy blue men suit for your groom and burgundy and pink bouquet for your bridesmaids. Green leaves and trees can go well with this color palette in your summer wedding.

champagne bridal gown for burgundy and champagne summer wedding

Burgundy and Champagne Wedding in Spring, Champagne Bridesmaid Dresses

Champagne is the most favorite color of classic and glamour weddings. Apart from the elegance and the romance the champagne expresses, it is also an ideal wedding color for most brides because of the luxury atmosphere it conveys. And when you add Burgundy to your champagne wedding, you’ll be pleasantly surprised: champagne bridesmaid dresses, burgundy and peach table centerpiece, burgundy and green wedding bouquets, grey groomsmen suit with burgundy tie… All of which looks great match for a spring wedding.

champagne bridesmaid dresses for burgundy and champagne spring wedding

Top 8 Burgundy and Champagne Wedding Color Ideas

Burgundy and champagne is one of the most elegant wedding color schemes that is perfect for all seasons. It’s contrasting, bold and outstanding, it matches many venues and highlights the season perfectly. Burgundy is one of the most popular wedding colors, you can rock it everywhere: your dress, your shoes, your makeup, your groom’s suit, flowers and textiles for décor. It looks very lush and noble with champagne accents: champagne table runners, gold candle holders, gold chairs and glitter accents. The roles of the two colors are also interchangeable. Look at the ideas below and I’m sure you’ll get inspired!

Top 8 Burgundy and Champagne Wedding Color Ideas