Top 8 Country Chic Wedding Color Combos

Hay bales, wood pallets, mason jars, burlap and lace, tree stump… Every detail of the country wedding will be full of romance and exquisiteness. If you love the simple and rustic weddings and you would like to celebrate your wedding in a traditional style, the chic country wedding idea will definitely be your perfect choice. Here are 8 perfect color combos for the country chic wedding: burgundy and dusty blue, mauve and green, purple and lavender, rust and orange, sunset orange and wine, taupe and white, teal and orange, wine and dark teal. Click through for all the chic romance to inspire your country wedding.

Top 8 Country Chic Wedding Color Combos

Burgundy and Pink Country Barn Wedding, Burgundy Bridesmaid Dresses

Bring the drama with these romantic hues. Ebullient burgundy can set the warm tone for a country barn wedding in the bridesmaid dresses, the table settings, wedding bouquets, table napkins and the flower centerpieces, while the cute pink can soften the atmosphere and insert moments of sweetness. Also, burgundy bridesmaid dresses will make your girls look more lovely outdoors in the barn.

burgundy bridesmaid dresses and pink bouquets for burgundy and pink wedding in country barn

Pink and Green Country Barn Wedding, Pink Bridesmaid Dresses

This is a timeless color scheme that keeps being extremely popular. Pink and green is a great pair that matches perfectly, and rocking them in the spring and summer is amazing. You will get more ideas from its combos including white bridal gown, pink bridesmaid dresses, pink and green centerpiece, white wedding chair and woden tablescape etc..

pink bridesmaid dresses and white bridal gown for pink and green wedding in country barn

Purple and White Country Barn Wedding, Purple Bridesmaid Dresses

If there is a color never go out of fashion in wedding events, it must be white. White, as a symbol of purity, is widely used weddings everywhere. When it works with purple, this color palette is perfect for country barn weddings. Bride in white gown holding bouquets with white and purple flowers, wedding tables decorated with purple cloth and flowers, girls in purple bridesmaid dresses and ring boy with a purple bow tie, so gorgeous and fantastic.

purple bridesmaid dresses and white mens suit for purple and white wedding in country barn

Spring Country Barn Wedding, Mismatched Bridesmaid Dresses

The country is romantic and beautiful in spring. The verdant trees are very lively against the red bricks. Mismatched bridesmaid dresses, bride’s flower bouquet, silver wedding shoes, navy blue best man suit, light gray groom suit with wine tie and red boutonniere, these must be your dream wedding!

bridesmaid dresses for spring wedding in country barn

Fall Country Barn Wedding, Tangerine Bridesmaid Dresses

Autumn is the harvest season and a golden time for weddings on country barn. Brown boots, wooden barrels, wooden table decorations, tangerine tango bridesmaid dresses, wooden cakes, red brick walls… All of these make your wedding full of harvest joy and fragrance of fruit.

tangerine bridesmaid dresses for fall wedding in country barn

Winter Country Barn Wedding, Navy Men’s Suit

Using the country barn as a winter wedding venue is a classic choice. Primitive masonry, dim lighting, and giant casks will make your wedding look simple but heartwarming. White bridal gown, navy blue bridesmaid dresses, cream white wedding cake, and the wedding ceremony decorated with many lights… All of these will make your winter wedding memorable and beautiful.

white bridal gown and mens suit for winter wedding in country barn

Top 8 Country Barn Wedding Color Palettes

Barn weddings are great because you can really feel the nature all around you, which helps to mimic that rural vibe. The comfortable site location provides a certain amount of sentimentality, allowing couples to embrace the beauty of nature in a down-to-earth way. But some people say the color of a barn wedding is too monochromatic, is it true? Of course not! Today we recommend some of the best color palettes for country barn weddings, get inspired.

Top 8 Country Barn Wedding Color Palettes