Grey and Dusty Blue Neutral Fall Wedding, Shades of Grey Bridesmaid Dresses, Dusty Blue and White Bouquet

A grey and dusty blue wedding theme is the perfect on-trend look for your fall wedding. It is classic and this is the color combination that won’t be dated as the years pass and can be utilized in a very elegant theme or a very relaxed theme.

shades of grey bridesmaid dresses for neutral fall wedding colors grey and dusty blue

Sage Green and Gold Neutral Fall Wedding, Sage Green Bridesmaid Dresses, Gilded Tableware

Looking for a wedding colour that tender, exquisite and very relaxing? The sage green and gold combination is a classic for sure! This color palette looks rich and expensive but options are almost unlimited, arrange sage green dresses for girls, grey men’s suit with golden tie, sage green and white wedding cake with glitter accents, gilded tableware and sage green napkin… this color palette will bring your unique wedding look to life.

sage green bridesmaid dresses for neutral fall wedding colors sage green and gold

Navy and Mauve Neutral Fall Wedding, Navy Blue and Mauve Bridesmaid Dresses

Turn your wedding theme into a soft and vibrant event with this timelessly adorable color combo. The mildness of mauve offsets the calm of navy blue, perfectly integrated to the somber hue of autumn. This combo is sophistication to the max without being stuffy! The pairing gives you so many options when it comes to décor and attire and it gives you a warm and fuzzy feel which is perfect for fall and winter weddings!

navy blue and mauve bridesmaid dresses for neutral fall wedding colors navy and mauve
Best 8 Neutral Fall Wedding Color Combos

Purple and Teal Fall Wedding, Purple Bridesmaid Dresses

Purple and teal color combination can create an eye-catching look in fall wedding. This color combos can be used in invitation, wedding cake , bouquets, table setting and candy wrapper. In regards to bridesmaid dresses, purple dresses is a good choice.

purple bridesmaid dresses with teal bouquets for purple and teal fall wedding colors

Purple and Lavender Fall Wedding, Purple and Lavender Bridesmaid Dresses

I love the simplicity, the romance,and softness of the combination of purple and lavender. You must be inspired by the color palette such as mismatched purple bridesmaid dresses and lavender bridesmaid dresses, mix lavender and purple flowers in bouquet, grey men suit with lavender and popular pocket squares, Lavender flower girls dress and invitations… all these make the wedding perfect.

purple and lavender bridesmaid dresses for purple and lavender fall wedding purple and lavender bridesmaid dresses

Best 8 Neutral Fall Wedding Color Combos

When considering fall wedding trends, I’d keep coming back to pretty neutral wedding color palettes. Neutral colors look very elegant and romantic and fit into just about any style wedding. Having a neutral wedding is the best choice for those romantic brides who want natural and unfussy looks for their wedding parties. No matter a rustic barn wedding or a garden celebration, the neutral colors will make your big day even more beautiful.

Best 8 Neutral Fall Wedding Color Combos

Purple and Pink Fall Wedding, Purple Bridesmaid Dresses

The most romantic and dreamy color for fall wedding must be pink and purple in every bride-to-be’s heart. If you are planning a unique wedding visual feast, you will be inspired by the pink invitation, bouquets with pink and purple flowers, wedding cake dotted with pink and purple flowers, ceremony decorate with pink and purple flowers. Don’t forget the most important thing, the purple bridesmaid dresses.

purple bridesmaid dresses with purple and pink bouquets for purple and pink purple fall wedding colors

Purple and Gold Fall Wedding, Gold Wedding Cake

Purple and gold color scheme is a noble and dreamy which is a classic fall wedding color combos. You can use purple invitation with gold cover, gold water glass with purple ribbon bow tie, gold wedding chair with purple chair-sash, purple table cloth, gold wedding cake, dinner plate, forks and knives. Then you will have a memorable wedding event.

gold wedding cake on purple table cloth for purple and gold fall wedding colors

Purple and Greenery Fall Wedding, Purple Bridesmaid Dresses

If you want a fresh and modern fall wedding, greenery is an essential element. Purple is a dreamy fall wedding color , when it works with greenery, the whole wedding atmosphere will be romantic and elegant. The Greenery can be used in bouquets, bridesmaid garland, wedding cake , table setting, invitations… The purple bridesmaid dresses and flower dress are welcomed by fall weddings.

purple bridesmaid dresses with greenery for purple and greenery purple fall wedding colors

Blue Teal and Gold Fall Wedding, Wedding Cake and Shoes

This color combo could work any time of year, but it will be a refreshing surprise in the fall and winter for sure! It’s fresh and fun but still has a warmth to it that these seasons long for. You also have lots of choices: blue teal bridesmaid dresses, gold and green glass, wedding shoes, invitation, wedding cake adorned with gold …We can’t help but FALL in love with this color pairing.

blue teal and gold wedding cake for blue teal gold blue fall wedding colors