Black, White and Green Wedding, Black Bridesmaid Dresses

Green is truly mother nature’s favorite color which is fresh and modern, it can go well with everything. It is perfect when it work with black and white. Get your table setting in black with white tableware and greenery, choose black bridesmaid dresses and men suit, white bridal gown, print table number with black letters, decorate white cake with green leaves and white bouquets with green leaves and so on.

white bridal gown black bridesmaid dresses with white bouquet and greenery for black wihte green wedding color

Black, White and Blush Wedding, Blush Bridesmaid Dresses

It is very difficult to decide the wedding color palette, if you are worrying this, maybe you can try black, white and blush color combos.Blush as one of the most popular wedding colors, when it works with black and white, the whole wedding will be soft and sweet. The bride wear traditional white wedding gown, the groom and groomsmen wear black suits and the girls in blush bridesmaid dresses. Choosing white table cloth and plates, black candle and wedding chairs , blush or white bouquets and flower decorations, all make the wedding romantic.

blush bridesmaid dresses white bridal gown black men suit for black wihte blush wedding color

Black, White and Gold Wedding, Gold Bridesmaid Dresses

Gold is ideal for fall and winter weddings as it bring a strong festive feeling. When paring it with black and white, this color combos will create a very chic look. Girls in gold bridesmaid dresses, bridal in white gown and groom wear black suit, wedding cake with 3 colors, get your table setting with gold tableware, table runner and black napkins, print welcome blackboard and black table number in gold letters, then you will get a fantastic wedding.

white bridal gown gold bridesmaid dresses black men suit for black white gold wedding color

Black, White and Red Wedding, Black Bridesmaid Dresses

Black and red are become more and more popular in weddings in all season while white is a versatile color. Paring these 3 colors together, the new color palette will make every wedding elements pop.The bride wear traditional white wedding gown and bridesmaids in black dresses with red shoes and holding red bouquets, groom in white shirt, black men suit and bow tie, white wedding invitation with black border and print with black letters, white cake in black paper cup dotted with red strawberry…You can create a unique wedding by using this color palette.

white bridal gown black bridesmaid dresses red bouquets red shoes for black white red wedding color

Perfect 8 Black and White Wedding Color Combos

The white and black wedding design is timeless which will always be the first choice for elegance wedding events. White often represents innocence, purity, and new beginnings. Black, on the other hand, can be seen as conservative or intimidating, but it is also often associated with sophistication, luxury, confidence, and strength. When they work with different colors, the effect will be different, we list 8 color palettes for you, take a look.

Perfect 8 Black and White Wedding Color Combos

White and Green Beach Wedding 2020, Green Wedding Bouquet

The white and green combo is a timeless classic wedding theme even on the beachside. The decor was simple but elegant: white wedding cake with coconut shell decoration, flower centerpiece and gold table settings, and the greenery everywhere. Also white bridesmaid dress and bridal gown, and ivory men’s suit with white boutonniere are a perfect match.

white bridesmaid dresses green bouquets for white green beach wedding colors 2020

Taupe, White and Grey Neutral Fall Wedding, Taupe Bridesmaid Dresses, Grey Men’s Suit

We love the neutral scene this combo of taupe, white and grey translates to us especially in fall day. A minimalist atmosphere will never be out of date. The centerpieces and wedding cake with blush florals accent add a touch of femininity without being overly girly. This is a sophisticated color combo and one that will be truly memorable.

taupe bridesmaid dresses for neutral fall wedding colors taupe white and grey

Purple and White Fall Wedding, Purple Bridesmaid Dresses

The white color is a eternal color in all wedding events which widely used in weddings in all seasons. When it works with purple, this color palette is perfect for fall weddings.Bride in white gown and sneakers, holding bouquets with white and purple flowers, wedding cake decorate with purple flowers, invitation with purple ribbon bow tie, white table with purple table runner and white chair with purple sash, purple and white flowers in white vase and girls in purple bridesmaid dresses and white sneaker, so gorgeous and fantastic.

purple beidesmaid dresses for purple and white purple fall wedding colors

White, Greenery and Navy Blue Rustic Summer Wedding, White Bridesmaid Dresses, Greenery Floral Crown

White and greenery, a pure pairing for a summer wedding. It’s perfect to add some barrel and hay bale to make white and greenery summer weddings in rustic style. White bridesmaid dresses and white bridal gown, greenery floral crown, wedding ceremony decorations with woods and barrels, hay bale wedding decorations, navy blue suits with blue ties and white corsages for groom and groomsmen…

White bridesmaid dresses for White, Greenery and Navy Blue Rustic Summer Wedding

Light Blue, White and Khaki Rustic Summer Wedding, Light Blue Bridesmaid Dresses, White Bridal Gown

Light blue and white wedding color combos, delicate and elegant, makes everything look bright and sunny. Light blue, white and khaki rustic summer wedding color combos inspirations: white bride gown and light blue bridesmaid dresses, wedding bouquets and wedding centerpieces in blue and white flowers, white wedding chairs and tables, white table linens and light blue napkins, and men in white shirts, khaki suits with blue ties and white corsages…

Light blue bridesmaid dresses for Light Blue, White and Khaki Rustic Summer Wedding