Light Blue and Gold Rustic Elegant Wedding, Light Blue Bridesmaid Dresses

Light blue shades with gold accents will be a very elegant palette for your rustic wedding. Light blue is one of the most classic wedding colors around. Check these out: light blue bridesmaid dresses, light blue white bouquets, white bridal gown and light blue wedding centerpiece. All these will make your day most memorable.

light blue bridesmaid dresses for light blue rustic elegant wedding

Light Blue, White and Khaki Rustic Summer Wedding, Light Blue Bridesmaid Dresses, White Bridal Gown

Light blue and white wedding color combos, delicate and elegant, makes everything look bright and sunny. Light blue, white and khaki rustic summer wedding color combos inspirations: white bride gown and light blue bridesmaid dresses, wedding bouquets and wedding centerpieces in blue and white flowers, white wedding chairs and tables, white table linens and light blue napkins, and men in white shirts, khaki suits with blue ties and white corsages…

Light blue bridesmaid dresses for Light Blue, White and Khaki Rustic Summer Wedding

Blush and Light Blue March Wedding 2021, Light Blue Wedding Cake, Blush Bridesmaid Dresses

We can see blush color in most of Spring wedding events because it is romantic and feminine. As a light shades of blue, light blue is delicate and peaceful. Paring these 2 colors together, you will get an amazing March: white bridal gown, blush bridesmaid dresses, light blue groom’s suit, light blue wedding cake, table settings dotted in blush and light blue flowers, wedding stationery in blush and light blue prints etc.

blush bridesmaid dresses for blush and light blue march wedding color 2021

Light Blue and Yellow Summer Wedding 2020, Light Blue Bridesmaid Dresses

A fresh yellow color is vibrant compliment to this light shade of blue, perfect for daytime summer garden weddings. Green and white accent the look wonderfully. Light blue bridesmaids dresses are best complemented by yellow bouquets. From centerpieces to wedding cake, there are so many ways that light blue and yellow can be used together.

groom bride and welcome board for light blue and yellow summer wedding 2020