8 Fantastic October Wedding Color Combos for 2020

If you want to hold a gorgeous fall wedding, October is a great month due to the mild weather, which means you have a richer choice for wedding colors.

Orange is an obvious choice for October wedding. If it is not quite your style, do not worry. There are many other colors in October to bring a sense of coziness and richness to your big day – from rich jewel tones such as platinum, gold to earthy dark tones such as purple, burgundy and navy etc. to help you capture the magic the month as well as feeling stylish and trendy. Find inspiration from the following wedding color combos to perfect your wedding!

8 Fantastic October Wedding Color Combos for 2020

Light Pink and Sage August Wedding 2020, Light Pink Wedding Invites

When it comes August wedding color, light pink is one of our favorites since it is so romantic. When combining with green, it will give you an opportunity to bring nature to your big day! Light pink bridesmaid dresses will be a great choice. Tablecloth, wedding cake, wedding printed cards etc. decorated with wonderful flowers and foliage will enable your wedding to be marvelous.

light pink bridesmaid dresses for light pink and sage august wedding color 2020

Lavender and Yellow August Wedding 2020, Bridesmaid Dresses in Lavender and Yellow

Yellow is a bright color that tends to summer-inspired while lavender is more autumn feeling. The combination of lavender and yellow will create a unique feeling. All the wedding flowers can mix lavender, yellow and greenery no matter they are used in wedding cakes, bouquets or table centerpiece. Bride in white bridal gown, leading ladies in lavender dresses and yellow dresses, groom in grey suit with lavender tie and lavender boutonniere, the matching cannot be more perfect!

lavender bridesmaid dresses yellow bridesmaid dresses for lavender and yellow august wedding color 2020

Lavender and Green August Wedding 2020, Lavender Bridesmaid Dresses

Lavender is refreshing and feminie. It is one of the most popular wedding colors in August wedding. It can be paired with many other colors such as green. This color palette look so elegant and romantic.From lavender bridesmaid dresses to wedding cake, chair and printed materials in this palette, everything looks stunning and appealing.

lavender bridesmaid dresses for lavender and green august wedding color 2020

Dusty Blue and Peach August Wedding 2020, Dusty Blue Bridesmaid Dresses

Dusty blue has been popular since 2018 in wedding and it will not go out of fashion in recent years. In August 2020, you can combine this sophisticated blue with other light hue such as peach. This color combos will works well on dusty blue bridesmaid dressesas well as wedding cake, bouquets, printed materials and wedding shoes., as well as wedding cake, bouquets, printed materials and wedding shoes.

dusty blue bridesmaid dresses for dusty blue and peach august wedding color 2020

White and Gold August Wedding 2020, White Bridesmaid Dresses, Gold Wedding Cake

White, as a classic wedding color, will be one of the best color combos. Just add gold to white in your August wedding to create a minimal yet glam vibe. White flowers look super glamorous against gold sequined tablecloths, place mat and dinner plate. The wedding cake made in gold color look so luxurious. Do not forget the white bridesmaid dresses.

white bridesmaid dresses for white and gold august wedding color 2020

8 Great August Wedding Color Combos for 2020

For couples who are getting married in August 2020, there are a wide choice for this versatile month. If you want a mid-summer feeling, you can easily go with bright color like yellows, pinks and golds. On the condition that your hometown is experiencing an early onset of cool weather in August You may choose more autumn-inspired colors like lavender, purple etc. Here are the 8 gorgeous August wedding color combos for 2020 to give you more ideas!

8 Great Wedding Color Combos for 2020