8 Fantastic October Wedding Color Combos for 2020

If you want to hold a gorgeous fall wedding, October is a great month due to the mild weather, which means you have a richer choice for wedding colors.

Orange is an obvious choice for October wedding. If it is not quite your style, do not worry. There are many other colors in October to bring a sense of coziness and richness to your big day – from rich jewel tones such as platinum, gold to earthy dark tones such as purple, burgundy and navy etc. to help you capture the magic the month as well as feeling stylish and trendy. Find inspiration from the following wedding color combos to perfect your wedding!

Dark Purple + Orange

Dark purple always makes people feel royal and elegant. Pair dark purple with orange, the classic wedding color of pumpkin patch season, incorporating the rich tones into your stationery, florals and wedding cake. That will make your wedding spark! Bridesmaids in dark purple dresses are flattering to bride in classic white gown.

october wedding color 2020 dark purple and orange

Dark Purple + Platinum

Expect a glamorous wedding in the chilly weather? Just use the metallic color of platinum and add some dark purple color, which looks inviting and sophisticated. Put this palette to all details: men’s suit and tie, wedding cake, table decorations etc.

october wedding color 2020 dark purple and Platinum

Dusty Blue + Burgundy

Year after year, burgundy and dusty blue continue to be popular in fall weddings. Use dusty blue as the main color of you October wedding and add rich color of burgundy to this scheme for an elegant vibe. The invites, bouquets, wedding cake, table decoration and flower girl dresses etc. in this color combos look so perfect!

october wedding color 2020 dusty blue and burgundy

Black + Gold

Black is a classic and trendy wedding color which represents formality, depth and sexuality. Set this dark tone with gold, a sparkling mental color to make it sophistication. Black wedding cake, table cloth and wedding cards with gold décor enables this combos wonderful and unique!

october wedding color 2020 black and gold

Grey + Burgundy

The grey wedding color will set a graceful tone for the entire big day. Burgundy is the perfect accent to the grey since it is a little bit harsh compared with grey. Bride in white bridal gown with burgundy bouquets with greenery, bridesmaid in grey dresses groom in grey suit, table settings with burgundy and green table centerpiece and gold plate and grey napkin, grey wedding cake and invites decorated with burgundy flowers, all these details go well in this color combos.

october wedding color 2020 grey and burgundy

Navy Blue + Burgundy

When the two classic fall wedding colors come together, how stunning and amazing the color combination will create! Navy blue groom suit and navy bridesmaid dress, wedding cake and bouquets accented with burgundy color, the whole wedding look so impressive.

october wedding color 2020 navy blue and burgundy

Navy Blue + Orange

Orange is a bright wedding color in October. When paired with navy blue, it creates a sophisticated look. The orange color can be thrown into bouquets and centerpiece, plus, you can even add accent of orange into your men’s tie, napkin and wedding chair. The navy blue color can be used in groom’s suit and wedding table cloth.

october wedding color 2020 tangerine and orange

Tangerine + Orange

Tangerine, a perfect color for fall weddings particularly October wedding, can keep wedding look modern, vintage and contemporary when it works with orange. Pumpkins with orange and tangerine color hue can be used as decorations in wedding. Do not forget the florals in wedding bouquet, wedding cake décor and table centerpieces.

october wedding color 2020 tangerine and orange

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