Best 8 Fall Wedding Color Combos for 2020

Fall weddings have a very different flavor than the bright summer weddings which precede them or the “Winter Wonderland” weddings of the holiday season. The rich colors of nature, cooler temperatures, and beautiful sceneries make it one of the most ideal times to host a wedding. There’re so many fall wedding colors there, from rich jewel tones to earthy neutrals and even pastels, which will capture the magic of fall while express your own personalities. Not sure about your fall wedding color palette yet? These are some ideas for fall wedding colors.

Dusty Blue + Purple

Cool colors like dusty blue and purple are good for creating a calm and relaxed feel. They give off a romantic vibe and pair perfectly with neutrals or metallics. From dusty blue bridesmaid dress and bouquets, to table setting and centerpieces, this is a palette that bringing about energy and providing a romantic and cool ambiance.

Fall Wedding Color Palettes 2020 - Dusty Blue + Purple

Rust + Yellow

Rust is one of our most favorite neutral colors for fall, very woodland-chic. It is the perfect color to base an entire palette around — especially if you want to add a retro twist to your special day. It pairs perfectly with neutral tones like yellow and always get people thinking about elegant and tasteful rustic wedding!

Fall Wedding Color Palettes 2020 - Rust + Yellow

Black + Burgundy

Black and burgundy is rather a dark color scheme and started to appear more and more often in the wedding decor. Using a rich, moody palette of black and burgundy, created a chic vibe for both outdoor ceremony and indoor reception, even have your girls in black. This color palette will be nice for Halloween, Gothic and luxurious decadent weddings, especially if you add gold to it.

Fall Wedding Color Palettes 2020 - Black + Burgundy

Navy + Burgundy

Navy and burgundy is one of the most elegant wedding color schemes that is perfect for fall and winter weddings. This rich and eye-catching combos that will definitely highlight your wedding in the lack-of-vitality season. You can rock it everywhere: navy bridesmaid dresses with burgundy and green bouquets, champagne wedding cake dotted with burgundy flowers, table settings, centerpieces. Every detail will look quite noble and exquisite.

Fall Wedding Color Palettes 2020 - Navy + Burgundy

Dusty Rose + Sage Green

When dusty rose works with sage green, another common color for weddings, we’ll see one of the most popular color combinations this year. Bridesmaids dress up on dusty rose dresses and hold the flowers of sage green leafy plants in their hands, how fantastic! And either happens in the garden or in the country backyard, it is very relaxed and pleasant.

Fall Wedding Color Palettes 2020 - Dusty Rose + Sage Green

Grey + Gold + Burgundy

Grey, burgundy with gold accent is one of the most classic wedding combos in which two together make one another pop. This combination can be great for centerpieces, wedding cake, stylish men’s suits, and bridal bouquets. No doubt that your guests will be falling in love with this theme wedding.

Fall Wedding Color Palettes 2020 - Grey + Gold + Burgundy

White + Beige + Green

If you are looking for a classy, toned-down color scheme, the white, beige and geen might be the perfect combination for you. The simple white bridesmaid dresses, minimal palette of these sage green and beige flowers and bouquets highlight the wedding perfectly.

Fall Wedding Color Palettes 2020 - White + Beige +  Green

Plum + Lilac + Navy

Plum, lilac and Navy wedding inspiration, this cool toned palette would look stunning in any season. As different shapes of purple, plum and lilac are such luxurious and versatile colour, so it’s a great choice for your bridesmaid dresses paired mix and match purple dresses. A navy suit with statement plum tie or pocket square for groomsmen fits just as well with this beautiful colour story touches of cream and greenery in your bouquet and stationery also help this look pop!

Fall Wedding Color Palettes 2020 - Plum + Lilac + Navy

More Wedding Color Combos

Best 8 Fall Wedding Color Combos for 2020

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