Best 8 Simple Beach Wedding Color Combos

Most of people prefer to planing a simple beach wedding because it is a romantic setting. The natural beauty that the beach provides will be your decorations. The azure ocean, the soft, white sands and green palm trees will provide a perfect scene. Simple becomes beautiful. How to make your wedding color scheme work well with the beach? The following simple beach wedding color combos will give you more inspirations.

Blush + Orange

Soft blush and vibrant orange is the perfect color palette for a simple beach wedding. The vibrant orange will make the soft blush color more standing out. You maybe inspired by the color palette, such as blush bridesmaid dresses and table cloth, bouquets and flower decorations with blush and orange flowers, blush dessert and candies, blush napkins and vases…

simple beach wedding blush and orange

Mauve + Teal

Mauve is one of the most popular color in purple family and it is a warm and soft color that is excellent for simple beach weddings. When paring it with teal, this color palette will have endless possibilities. Let’s try to choose mauve bridesmaid dresses and bouquets, teal dessert and water glass, mauve flower decoration and napkins, decorate the ceremony arch with teal ribbon, decorate aisle runner with mauve petals… All these combinations show a gorgeous beach wedding.

simple beach wedding mauve and teal

Mint + Aqua

Mint and aqua are soft, sweet and pure, they are the sort of colors that make people feel like being at the beach, so when it comes to simple beach wedding, most of people will choose them as the wedding colors. These 2 colors can be used on bridesmaid dresses, wedding cake, ceremony arch, plates, water glasses, candles… all details will make people feel comfortable and relax.

simple beach wedding mint and aqua

Navy Blue + Blush

The navy blue is elegant and vibrant, when it paring with blush, this color palette will become a blend of masculine and feminine. This combo is bright, a little bit tricky and it is good enough to bring it to your wedding decoration and bride’s and groom’s looks. The groom wear navy suit with blush tie and boutonniere, the bridesmaid in blush dresses, the navy invitation print with blush pattern, the bouquets with blush and navy blue flowers, the navy table cloth and blush napkins… all makes the wedding unforgettable.

simple beach wedding navy blue and blush

Pink + Yellow

Pink is almost the most romantic wedding color in every girl’s heart, it makes items in your wedding look sweet, lovely and warm especially when it works with yellow. It is great to have girls wear blush dresses, choose blush and yellow flower decorate the wedding, use yellow net and blush flower decorate the ceremony arch, put blush drinks and orange on table…

simple beach wedding pink and yellow

Red + Blue

Blue is such an elegant shade and we love seeing it in weddings. The deep, rich color stands out especially when pair it with bright red color. Choose red and blue bridesmaid dresses, blue men suit with red bowtie and boutonniere, white wedding cake decorate with blue and red fruits, red flowers used in bouquets and flower decoration… all of these create a colorful and gorgeous beach wedding.

simple beach wedding red and blue

Sky Blue + White

If you are planing a simple beach wedding but don’t feel like rich hues and bold shades, sky blue and white maybe you best choice. This color scheme is classic and pure that will always be in trend in all weddings. Bride in white gown, girls in sky blue bridesmaid dresses and holding white bouquets, choose sky blue wedding cake and dessert, get your table setting with sky blue table cloth, napkins and white plates… How wonderful.

simple beach wedding sky blue and white

Yellow + Green

Yellow is a warm and bright color that is perfect to make your wedding cheerful and beautiful. Paring it with green, this palette will be gorgeous for your simple beach wedding. Try to decorate everywhere of your wedding with yellow flowers and green leaves, such as bouquets, ceremony arch, flower decoration… One more important, choose yellow dresses for your bridesmaids.

simple beach wedding yellow and green

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