Best 8 White Barn Wedding Color Combos

Barn weddings are great because you can really feel the nature all around you, which helps to emulate that rustic vibe. A lovely cozy farm might be a better option than one of those large wedding venues we are used to seeing nowadays. Barn wedding flowers are easy to pick, as you only need to match the rustic theme and your taste. These farm white barn wedding venues we found will definitely make a difference if you are going for a lovely rustic wedding. We hope we inspire you into the idea that suits your needs perfectly!

White + Sage Green

When it comes to white and sage green weddings, timeless is the first word that pops into our mind. As pure as love, white and green decorations are quite popular these days and they are perfect for almost any venue. From wedding bouquets to sage green dresses and wedding centerpieces and wedding tablescape, sage green and white are everywhere and they are really easy to work with. The neutral combination is really simple yet elegant!

white barn wedding colors white and sage green

White + Light Pink

The white and light pink palette is a perfect combination for our girly brides who love their classic feminine pink. Bridesmaid dresses in light pink, and ceremony arch with light pink sash and lights appear elegant and romantic. If you’re planning a formal wedding then make sure you use hints of green to give it that rich classic look.

white barn wedding colors white and light pink

White + Slate Blue + Blush

Slate blue, white and blush is a very delicate and subtle combo perfect for any wedding as pastels are the hottest trend now. The mix of these two colors looks very subtle, don’t hesitate to blend a white tablecloth and blush napkins, mix flowers in these shades and decorate the white wedding cake with slate blue and blush flowers – these colors are going to bring a special charm to your wedding.

white barn wedding colors white slate blue and blush

Beige + White

Muted colors are great if you’re going for a softer look. Combine hues like white and for a down-to-earth rustic wedding style. There are so many ways to bring this palette to your wedding, beige bridesmaid dresses, also white and beige with some brown accent wedding bouquet, white wedding cake with beige blooms…Check out these pretty shades of white and beige wedding color ideas and get inspired.

white barn wedding colors beige and white

Dusty Orange + White

If you are a lover of orange, but wonder how to include such a vibrant and bold color in your palette without it becoming overwhelming, try a more muted shade. Unlike the traditional orange of fall, dusty orange is softer and feels so much more elegant. When paired with white and green, not only do you get a wedding palette that feels like fall, but you get a color combination that is chic, elegant and sure to awe your wedding guests. Do not miss dusty orange bridesmaid dresses, bouquts and flower decorations in dusty orange, white and greenery!

white barn wedding colors dusty orange and white

White + Maroon

Maroon comes across as one of the most complimentary colors we love. It is a perfect combination for a fall or winter wedding and has the most elegant, classic feel when paired it together with white and brown. You could arrange white barn for wedding veune, bridesmaids dress up maroon dresses while flower girls dress in white dresses, adorn the ceremony with red blooms. And don’t forget to make a memorable shoot with your groom in white shirt, brown jacket with maroon tie.

white barn wedding colors white and maroon

Navy + White + Copper

Like navy, copper is a color that can lend itself well to any wedding style. Choose a polished finish and you’ll get a look that is glamorous and elegant. Go for a more aged or matte finish and you’ll get a rustic feel. You could manage an country barn wedding with bridesmaids in navy blue dresses by holding white and green bouquets, how beautiful! You could also arrange a tint of rust to the table setting and wedding cake for a more glamorous vibe.

white barn wedding colors navy white and copper

White + Brown + Black

We love the neutral scene-white, brown and black, this combo translates to us especially in winter day. The brown wedding direction board, white wedding cake with brown pine cone and the black wedding sign It gives you the opportunity to bring nature easily in to your big day. A minimalist atmosphere will never be out of date. No matter a rustic barn wedding or a garden celebration, these neutral colors will make your big day even more beautiful.

white barn wedding colors white brown and black

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