Perfect 8 Black and Gold Wedding Color Combos

Black and gold is a classical color combo, it makes any wedding elegant and chic. By sticking to this simple color palette, additional colors such as green, red, rose stand out with style. Black and gold can add a level of elegance that is truly unique for your big day in spring, fall or winter.Enjoy the following elegant ideas and rock these colors on your big day!

Black + Gold + Green

Black and gold is such a charming and sophisticated color palette, you will be totally loving all the gold details along with the black. Green is truly mother nature’s favorite color, green accents in light and dark shades can bring in the fresh feeling of vitality. Spread green accents in the bouquets, invitation and table decorations against black and golden hues. Golden wedding chairs and plates pair well with black table. Stick to black bridal gown and black wedding shoes. Let’s check out these elegant wedding ideas with black, gold and green colors.

black and gold wedding black gold green

Black + Gold + Red

Black is one of the most timeless and universal colors, black wedding decor can be formal, dramatic, modern and romantic. Black and red are great contrasting colors that makes every decoration details pop. Pairing them with gold will add an even more bold and rich look to your big day. Keep your wedding tablescape in black, red and gold, with black table cloth, golden plates and red flowers. Choosing black bridesmaid dresses and white bridal gown, red and white bouquets and black white wedding cake with red flowers. Black white wedding invitation with golden words and red flower pattern. Look at some inspirational elements below!

black and gold wedding black gold red

Black + Gold + Rose

Rose is a symbol of love and devotion, rose color will add a romantic touch to your black and gold wedding. Choose black white rose wedding invitations, rose bouquets, black bridesmaid dresses and black rose gold wedding cake. By adding black and rose balloons, black and gold curtain you’ll make your wedding more romantic and warm. Check the following ideas and I’m sure you’ll get inspired!

black and gold wedding black gold rose

Elegant Black And Gold

Black and gold is also a typical palette for elegant wedding. The charm of an elegant wedding is irresistible. Such a wedding can give you and your guests a feeling of elegance, an elegant wedding can also be creatively and easily reflected in wedding centerpieces, such as gold bridesmaid dresses, white bridal gown, gold table runner, white gold plate, black table cloth, white black gold invitation, black grooms attire and black wedding cake with white flowers. Hope you could love these elegant wedding details below.

black and gold wedding elegant

Black And Gold In Fall Weddings

It is most popular to plan a wedding in fall. From classic settings to modern color trends, there are endless ways to plan the perfect fall wedding. Get romantic with lush shades of gold and black. Bring gold into every touch of your wedding: white gold invitation, gold wedding sign, gold white bridal gown, gold favor, gold table decorations, and gold wedding cake with gold top. Take the blacks to your groom’s attire and table cloths. Check out these ideas to celebrate your big day this fall.

black and gold wedding fall

Rustic Black And Gold

Escape with us outdoors to this black and gold wedding. If you’re obsessed with simple and nature style, then you must will be fall in love with these modern rustic wedding ideas. The closeness to nature make the celebration fresh and romantic. Use gold lamp decorations, table setting and then add a few black accents, such as and taper table cloth, black wedding chair to create a finished look that’s inviting and natural. Choose the classic combination of white bridal gown and black groom’s attire. Preparing a black welcome sign with gold rim. Find inspiration from these color ideas perfect for rustic wedding.

black and gold wedding rustic

Black And Gold In Spring Wedding

Flowers, sunshine, fresh and cozy, embellishing these symbols of spring in your wedding, then you can combine the romance of wedding with the recovery of spring. Spring is a sure fire winner when it comes to creating beauty. The palette of black and gold seems to be a complementary pair for the colorful season. It is very popular to decorate weddings with real trees, especially for spring weddings. Then you can choose black for both bridal gown and groom’s attire. Preparing gold table decorations, colorful bouquets with gold leafs and black gold wedding cake. All these details are full of spring and lively, get inspired by them!

black and gold wedding spring

Black And Gold In Winter Wedding

With black and gold, winter weddings can draw inspiration from nature. Even in the freezing winter, lovers can’t stop announcing to the world, “Yes, I do! ” You can use blacks and golds for your wedding setting: black white wedding invitation, gold table cloth and decorations, white bridal gown, black groom’s attire, black bridesmaid dresses, gold wedding shoes, and black welcome sign with gold rim. All these will warm your heart like the winter sun.

black and gold wedding winter

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