Top 8 Blue and Yellow Wedding Color Ideas

Looking for the best wedding colors for your big day? One of the first wedding planning tasks is choosing your color scheme — that important decision influences all aspects of your wedding, from flowers and boutonnieres, to bridesmaids dresses and linens. Today we recommend a very popular wedding palette: blue and yellow. The change of depth and different ways of collocation can present diverse wedding styles. So read on and get inspired!

Dusty Blue + Yellow

Dusty blue is a very popular color for weddings those days. It took the wedding industry by storm with it’s romance and elegance appeal. Pairing it with bright yellow creates a beautiful wedding design that can have endless possibilities! Dusty blue bridesmaid dresses, yellow bouquet, dusty blue wedding cake with yellow flowers, blue and yellow wedding invitation and table settings… It’s a soft and romantic color palette that woks with spring and summer.

Top 8 Blue and Yellow Wedding Color Ideas: Dusty Blue + Yellow

Blue + Yellow + Red

Yellow, blue and red are some of the best wedding colors to put together for a bold and bright look! Here, navy blue man’s suit with yellow boutonniere, white bridal gown, yellow wedding bouquet, red and yellow centerpiece and table settings… they make for striking, standout weddings!

Top 8 Blue and Yellow Wedding Color Ideas: Blue + Yellow + Red

Blue and Yellow Spring Wedding

Navy blue looks absolutely beautiful in winter and spring weddings! This versatile greenery pairs well with metallics but also works wonderfully with yellow. This color could be incorporated through groom’s suit and boutonniere, navy blue table cloth paired with yellow candles and gold cutlery, so wonderful!

Top 8 Blue and Yellow Wedding Color Ideas: Blue and Yellow Spring Wedding

Teal Blue + Yellow

Teal blue and yellow make a gorgeous wedding color combo. Whether teal blue and yellow invitations, or wedding cake decorated with yellow flowers, also teal plate with yellow centerpiece, these wedding colors make for a classic combination.

Top 8 Blue and Yellow Wedding Color Ideas: Teal Blue + Yellow

Blue + Yellow + Grey

Any seaside and forest wedding is the perfect place to have colors like turquoise, yellow and grey. Turquoise against a light blue will mimic the natural colors of the sky, and the yellow will draw from the barn and sun around it. Try turquoise bridesmaid dresses, yellow bouquets, white bridal gown, grey men’s suit with turquoise tie… The whole wedding lookS so impressive.

Top 8 Blue and Yellow Wedding Color Ideas: Blue + Yellow + Grey

Royal Blue + Yellow

Royal blue and bright yellow is a trendy color choice and perfect for the bride who loves elegant vintage retro style in summer weddings. Have the girls wear short royal blue bridesmaid dresses while carrying sunflower bouquets. The bride can carry the same color of flowers, or you can incorporate a bit of blue and white to match your gown. The table can decorated with white table cloth, royal blue napkins and sunflower centerpiece.

Top 8 Blue and Yellow Wedding Color Ideas: Royal Blue + Yellow

Navy Blue + Gold

There are so many blue color palettes and navy blue and gold is an ideal wedding palette because it’s suitable for almost any season and theme. These colors together can look beautiful in any style: beach, boho, art deco, glam and even rustic. The possibilities of applying them are endless: from outfits to table décor and even food. Get inspired!

Top 8 Blue and Yellow Wedding Color Ideas: Navy Blue + Gold

Rustic Blue and Yellow Wedding

Playful and lively, yellow will dance into the hearts of all your guests. Extra zest comes from pairing the yellow with greenery. Having girls dressed in yellow bridesmaid dresses while carrying white and green bouquets. Also choose yellow flower centerpiece, white wedding cake with yellow flowers and navy blue men’s suits. What a rustic wedding it is!

Top 8 Blue and Yellow Wedding Color Ideas: Rustic Blue and Yellow Wedding

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Top 8 Blue and Yellow Wedding Color Ideas

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