Top 8 Burgundy and Navy Wedding Color Combos

Navy blue and burgundy are popular wedding colors, and they are widely used in all seasons and all kinds of wedding venues. This color palette looks stunning in all weddings and it can work well with other colors. To help make it is easier to pair other colors with this palette, we will show 8 amazing burgundy and navy wedding color ideas. Take a look.

Burgundy + Navy + Blush

Adding in Navy Blue to blush and burgundy helps balance out the feminine and masculine side of the color palette. This palette is one of the most favorite color palettes for spring and summer weddings. Choose burgundy bridesmaid dresses and blush bridesmaid dresses, navy blue men suit and burgundy tie, blush ceremony decorate with burgundy and blush flowers, burgundy and navy table centerpieces , blush and burgundy flowers decorations… all details will create an elegant look for your wedding.

burgundy and navy wedding colors burgundy navy blush

Burgundy + Navy + Gold

Burgundy, navy blue and gold color scheme is perfect for a classical wedding event. Romantic details pairing with traditional elements make the wedding unforgettable. Here, navy blue men suits, burgundy wedding shoes, wedding invitation and napkin, gold dinner plate, navy blue wedding cake dotted with burgundy flower…they make for elegant and sophisticated weddings.

burgundy and navy wedding colors burgundy navy gold

Burgundy + Navy + Green

Burgundy, navy blue and green are some of the best wedding colors to put together for stunning and harmonious look! Hold your wedding in a place with lots of green leaves and try to choose burgundy and navy blue dresses for your bridesmaid, navy blue men suit and burgundy bow tie for your groom, make a white wedding cake and decorate it with burgundy flowers and some green leaves, decorate the welcome sign with burgundy flower and green leaves…The whole wedding looks so wonderful.

burgundy and navy wedding colors burgundy navy green

Burgundy + Navy + Rose Gold

Burgundy have a very specific connotation of unconscious beauty. Rose gold is a pretty, pinkish metallic hue, they are both feminine colors. Paring them with navy , this color palette will be neutralized. Stick with white bridal gown, burgundy bridesmaid dresses, burgundy wedding shoes and navy blue men suits, add burgundy tie for groomsmen, choose a navy blue wedding cake and decorate it with some burgundy flowers… A perfect wedding will be presented.

burgundy and navy wedding colors burgundy navy rose gold

Burgundy And Navy In Fall Wedding

Fall is an amazing time to get married. Navy blue and burgundy color are popular colors, and will never go out of style. Navy blue men suits and burgundy bridesmaid dresses are most common elements in fall weddings. To make the wedding gorgeous, you can decorate the wedding with burgundy flowers and greenery in everywhere of the wedding and you can choose a white wedding cake and decorate it with burgundy flowers and some green leaves.

burgundy and navy wedding colors fall

Burgundy And Navy In Spring Wedding

Navy blue making everything look elegant and chic! Burgundy is ideal to pair with navy blue for your spring wedding. There are so many beautiful centerpieces can be used in your wedding : burgundy bridesmaid dresses, white bridal gown, navy blue men suite, burgundy tie, burgundy bouquets and flower decorations, navy blue wedding invitation print with burgundy flowers, navy blue napkins…

burgundy and navy wedding colors spring

Burgundy And Navy In Summer Wedding

There are so many ways to incorporate burgundy trend into your summer wedding. Navy blue is a elegant, classic and popular color that is perfect to pair with burgundy. Burgundy can be used for bridesmaid dresses, bouquet and groom’s tie. You can choose navy blue men suit for your groom and send navy blue invitation print with burgundy flowers to your guest. Green leaves and trees can go well with this color palette in your summer wedding.

burgundy and navy wedding colors summer

Burgundy And Navy In Winter Wedding

Due to the dark hue, the navy blue and burgundy are classic wedding colors, especially for winter weddings. This color combination is easy to work with and is sure to create a vibe of luxury and chic. Here’s a fantastic idea that’s perfectly blends the two colors into your winter wedding, such as navy blue men suit, table cloth and bridal shawl, burgundy napkins and bouquets, wedding invitation of both two colors, white and brown wedding cake.

burgundy and navy wedding colors winter

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