Best 8 March Wedding Color Palettes for 2021

As the first month of Spring, March is the best season for a romantic wedding since everything start to wake up and the trees and grasses start to a new life. We list some March wedding colors combos, if you are planning a March wedding, please check if these colors combos will give you some inspiration.

Blush + Light Blue

Blush, as one of the most popular colors for wedding events in spring, is romantic and feminine. Light blue, light shades of blue, is delicate and peaceful. This color palette will be amazing in March 2021. This details can be used in all details: from white bridal gown and blush bridesmaids dresses to light blue men’s suit, from blush table cloth to flowers in bouquets, wedding cakes and wedding prints.

march wedding colors 2021 blush and light blue

Dusty Blue + Gray

There is no doubt that the dusty blue and grey are very popular colors for Spring wedding. It will not go out of fashion in weddings of March 2021. Paring the duty blue bridesmaids dresses, cake, table cloth with grey groom’s attire and invitations create a romantic and clean wedding design and that will make everyone feel comfortable.

march wedding colors 2021 dusty blue and gray

Dusty Rose + Green

Choosing colors to complement a specific shade of dusty rose can be simple. The Dusty rose as the main color in a wedding, can be used on bridesmaid dresses, also table cloths and invitation cards. To make the wedding not so dull, we can dotted the dusty rose flower with green leaves. This wedding color palette will be a classic Spring color combos.

march wedding colors 2021 dusty rose and green

Emerald + Gold

No matter what color you pair with emerald, it will look great! Emerald and gold palette is a show stopping color for all weddings. The gold mason jar centerpieces with white flower emerald leaves, wedding knives and forks with emerald napkins, gold candlestick and emerald bridesmaid dresses all look gorgeous, which make the wedding elegant and chic.

march wedding colors 2021 emerald and gold

Lavender + Sage Green

If you have been looking for a romantic and sweet March wedding color, we suggest you to try lavender and sage green. These two light colors will create a touch of softness and sweetness. Coordinate the wedding party with lavender dresses for the bridesmaids and match white cake decorated with sage green leaves, and mix the lavender and white flowers with sage green leaves. If you’ve been looking for the perfect spring wedding color palette, maybe it is a good choice.

march wedding colors 2021 lavender and sage

Mauve + Green

Mauve is probably one of the most popular shades of purple. It is neither too dark nor too light. This hue of purple is elegant and soft. Mauve table cloths, chair sashes, bouquets and armchair were dotted with green leaves create an dreamy atmosphere. Certainly, mauve bridesmaid dresses and flower girl’s dress are necessary.

march wedding colors 2021 mauve and green

Navy Blue + Sage Green

Navy blue always makes people elegant and calm. In most of weddings, we can see navy blue be used in variety of wedding supplies such as navy blue bridesmaid dresses, and invitation cards and bouquets accented with sage green color, which enables the whole wedding look so glamorous.

march wedding colors 2021 navy blue and sage green

Plum + Grey

If you are looking for a modern look for your Spring wedding and want the latest trends for your affair, you might combine plum and grey. Paring plum bridesmaid dresses with grey bridesmaid dresses, decorate white cake with plum flowers create an romantic ceremony. The plum color also can be used in invitation cards , napkins and flowers.

march wedding colors 2021 plum and grey

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