Top 8 Spring Wedding Color Combos for 2021

Your spring wedding is bound to be beautiful, thanks to seasonal staples like gorgeous flowers and warmer weather. Spring’s also associated with a plethora of pretty hues that you can use to craft your color palette with. Today we collect 8 best spring wedding color combos for 2021, I bet you will love it. Happy pinning always!

Peach + Gray

If you are planning a wedding in spring or summer, a peach and gray colour scheme can be a pretty and refreshing choice for your big day. The peach bouquet and white bridal gown pair so well on the green lawn. And from wedding cake to centerpieces and decorations, the two colors match perfectly.

Spring Wedding Color Palettes 2021 - Peach and Gray

Sage Green + Blush

Sage green is more and more popular in the wedding colors, its gentle temperament is especially suitable for the spring when all things revive. When paired with blush, it will make your wedding more romantic. Sage green is used in a wide range of applications: wedding cakes, bride’s bouquet, small gifts for guests, and don’t forget the sage green bridesmaid dresses.

Spring Wedding Color Palettes 2021 - Sage Green + Blush

Mauve + Sage Green

Mauve paired with sage green will also bring a special charm to spring weddings. Mauve tablecloth with flower centerpiece, wedding invitations on a mauve background, the backless mauve bridesmaid dresses, mauve hollowed-out wedding heels and sage green leaves everywhere. Could there be a more dreamy wedding?

Spring Wedding Color Palettes 2021 - Mauve + Sage Green

Ice Blue + Gold

Outpouring with romance, this softer color scheme is perfect for indoor and outdoor weddings in spring. Add extra personality with gold and blush. Girls in ice blue bridesmaid dresses, also bride in white lace gown, wearing blue wedding heels inlaid with gold, so elegant! Also choose ice blue tablecloth and gold tableware.

Spring Wedding Color Palettes 2021 - Ice Blue + Gold

Pink + Orange + White

Pink is forever the romantic color that cannot be replaced in bride heart. Various shades of orange-pink were combined with white in this wedding bouquet, and the happy hues were carried through to the rest of the wedding – pink wedding cake decorated with light yellow flowers, girls in pink bridesmaid dresses holding orange and shades of pink flowers, all of these are perfect for spring outdoor lawn weddings.

Spring Wedding Color Palettes 2021 - Pink + Orange + White

Blue + Green + White

If you love the light, soft colors of spring, this pastel wedding idea will be right up your alley. In the wedding scene with white background, embellishment of blue and green decoration, will make your wedding ethereal. Such as a baby blue runner, bridal bouquet with blue flowers, blue cards holder and wedding cake, paired with little green plants, that’s great!

Spring Wedding Color Palettes 2021 - Blue + Green + White

Lavender + Greenery

Lavender and greenery seem to be made for each other. So much can be done in regards to lavender bridesmaid dresses, as well as lilac flowers and cloth decorate altar, lavender bouquets and table number cards.

Spring Wedding Color Palettes 2021 - Lavender + Greenery

Silver + White

A classic silver wedding is always timeless, especially at the beach in spring. While the bride’s bouquet was made of precious calla lilies, dreamy white centerpieces filled with white and cream orchids, hydrangeas and roses for a sophisticated reception vibe. The ballroom was draped with light grey, and the room was dressed in elegance with silver details, table candlelight and mirror decor such as the glamorous table numbers. Plus, the custom monogrammed dance floor and jaw-dropping, gorgeous white wedding cake added to the stunning ballroom wedding look. Also, silver bridesmaid dresses will brighten up your girls.

Spring Wedding Color Palettes 2021 - Silver + White
Top 8 Spring Wedding Color Combos for 2021

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