Best 8 Mauve and Grey Wedding Color Ideas

Mauve, a pale purple color, is soft, subtle and definitely dreamy, which is becoming our new wedding color obsession! Mauve is more romantic and warm paired with grey, which makes it suitable for almost any wedding theme in any season. Are you planning a memorable wedding? Please get inspired by our following 8 mauve and grey color ideas! Get inspired by the ideas following and rock these hues!

Mauve + Grey + Blue

Mauve is a romantic and elegant color that can make your wedding gorgeous, it is muted, so it works well with many colors to create the palette you like, such as mauve, grey and blue. You can choose the following elements to fulfil your dreamy big day – mauve bridesmaid dresses, white bridal gown, mauve white bouquets, grey invitation, grey groom attire, blue men tie, blue napkin and white flower girl dress. Get inspired by adorable ideas below!

mauvegrey/mauve and grey wedding blue

Mauve + Grey + Burgundy

Isn’t mauve one of our favorite shades of purple? Mauve, grey pair and burgundy can provide a rich context for any wedding palette. There are so many amazing options to choose for your big day: white bridal gown, white mauve burgundy bouquet, mauve white invitations, grey groom attire, grey necktie and mauve wedding cake with burgundy flowers. Get inspired on how to style your big day.

mauve and grey wedding burgundy

Mauve + Grey + Dusty Rose

Dusty rose is a classic and sophisticated wedding hue. Mauve, grey and dusty rose will be an elegant and soft enough color combination for any wedding style. Choosing mauve and grey bridesmaid dresses, white bridal gown, dusty rose bouquet, grey groom attire, dusty rose necktie and white wedding cake with dusty rose flowers. Now on to the ideas!

mauve and grey wedding dusty rose

Mauve + Grey + Purple

Mauves and Greys are warm, soft and beautiful wedding colors. Pairing them with deeper purples create a gorgeous contrast that complements both color families beautifully. Check these out: mauve, grey and purple bridesmaid dresses, purple mauve bouquets, grey flower girl dress, mauve invitation and white wedding cake with mauve flowers. Find some inspiration below!

mauve and grey wedding purple

Mauve And Grey In Spring Wedding

Mauve and grey is an incredible and gorgeous color palette for your wedding in spring. There are so many beautiful centerpieces that can use to adorn your wedding: mauve bridesmaid dresses, white bridal gown, grey groom attire, mauve bowtie, grey rompers and mauve table cloth. These unique wedding ideas for your ceremony are sure to make a last impression.

mauve and grey wedding spring

Mauve And Grey In Summer Wedding

The color palette of mauve and grey is associated with royalty and elegance; it is very popular for summer weddings. You can use blacks and golds for your wedding setting: white bridal gown, grey groom attire, mauve bowtie, mauve bridesmaid dresses, mauve table cloth and mauve candles. Try to find how you can use this summer wedding color palette into your summer celebration.

mauve and grey wedding summer

Mauve And Grey In Fall Wedding

Mauve is among top trendy colors for fall wedding, mauve and grey is always a classic fall wedding color palette. Creating an unforgettable wedding design by using this color palette – mauve bridesmaid dresses, white bridal gown, grey groom attire, mauve necktie, mauve wedding shoes, mauve white invitations and mauve napkin. Get inspired reading on!

mauve and grey wedding fall

Mauve And Grey In Winter Wedding

Mauve is a pale, gray toned version of violet and a warm and soft color, the palette of mauve and grey is perfect for winter wedding season. An elegant winter wedding can also be creatively and easily reflected in wedding centerpieces, such as mauve bridesmaid dresses, white bridal gown, black groom attire, white bouquets, mauve invitation, mauve flowers and grey boy suit. All these will warm your heart like the winter sun.

mauve and grey wedding winter

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