Best 8 May Wedding Color Schemes for 2020

If you are planning a May wedding in the spring, it is bound to be beautiful, sweet and romantic. There are lots of pretty hues that you can choose to craft your color palette with. Such as coral and turquoise, dusty blue and red, emerald and red, pink and gold, ice blue and pale yellow, navy blue and blush, plum and grey, royal blue and yellow etc. The following May wedding color combos will give you more inspirations.

Coral + Turquoise

The coral and turquoise May wedding ideas are making all of our color elegant dreams come true! You can choose the traditional white bridal gown and pair it with turquoise dresses for your bridesmaids. Incorporate the 2 colors onto your decorates, such as table centerpiece in the 2 colors, coral flowers, white turquoise wedding cake, and turquoise table cloth. All these can built your romantic May wedding.

may wedding colors 2020 coral turquoise

Dusty Blue + Red

We all enjoy the tasteful appeal that comes with dusty blue in a color palette. You will have a modern May wedding by pairing the dusty blue with red. Choosing dusty blue invitation, table garland with red flowers, wedding cake with red and pink flowers, red candle and dusty blue table cloth. You can get dusty blue dresses for your bridesmaids and they will be more charming with the red bouquets!

may wedding colors 2020 dusty blue red

Emerald + Red

With vibrant emeralds and reds, May weddings can draw inspiration from nature. Emerald is very radiant, luminous, and luxurious, you can offer your bridesmaids to wear emerald dresses, you can choose a white bridal gown with emerald sash. Using emerald men’s attires and emerald table cloth. Red can be integrated into your wedding with wedding decorates. Such as white red invitation, red table centerpiece and bouquets with red flowers.

may wedding colors 2020 emerald green red

Pink + Gold

Choosing pinks and golds can create a warm and romantic May wedding scene. The gold boutonniere and the pink men ties perfectly complements the men’s attire. Choose gold chair and pink flowers to decorate the table. The wedding cake with pink flower and pink leafs looks so cute! The white bridal gown can be paired with the beautiful pink bridesmaid dresses. Is there any palette more charming than a pink and gold?

may wedding colors 2020 gold pink

Ice Blue + Pale Yellow

Ice blue is one of the most popular colors for wedding. Pairing ice blue with pale yellow is an easy and warm wedding color combination that’s perfect for a May wedding. Pale yellow dress is a great way to bring extra romance to the ice blue wedding. Bouquets with ice blue, pale yellow and white flowers, ice blue cake with pale yellow flowers, ice blue table cloth and ice blue chairs look heavenly beautiful.

may wedding colors 2020 ice blue pale yellow

Navy Blue + Blush

Blush is very elegant, warm and cute for a May wedding. The palette of navy blue and blush is warm, romantic and inviting. Choose the following things for your wedding day, navy blue men’s attires and ties, navy blue invitation, navy blue centerpiece, blush dresses and navy dresses for bridesmaids, blush bouquets, white cake with navy blue ribbon and white bridal gown.

may wedding colors 2020 navy blue blush

Plum + Grey

Plum and grey is a cool toned palette would look stunning a spring wedding. Plum dresses looks so elegant. Choosing grey men’s suit with plum tie, plum wedding invitation, grey table cloth and white wedding with plum flowers. Hope these ideas give you lots of great inspirations for your May wedding!

may wedding colors 2020 plum grey

Royal Blue + Yellow

Royal blue is a very classic color for a wedding, royal blue worked beautifully with yellow for a May wedding. You can choose royal blue dresses for bridesmaid. Choose sunflowers for the bouquets, royal blue number cards, royal blue napkin and white royal blue cake with yellow flowers. This palette is perfect for a romantic look at your wedding.

may wedding colors 2020 royal blue yellow

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