Top 7 Maroon and Navy Wedding Color Ideas

Maroon looks great with a range of blue shades, and works particularly well with navy– another chic and timeless color. This bold color palette has been a hot wedding colo for the past few years. It looks particularly nice when combined with plum, copper, metallic gold, as well as warmer pastel tones such as peach, orange, and blush. Here we list the top 7 gorgeous wedding color combinations that are sure to fit any wedding style and personality.

Maroon + Navy + Blush

This color combination has a freshness about it that we just love! Adding in blush to maroon and navy helps balance out the feminine and masculine side of the color palette. It’s a great neutral that works well in clothing, linens and invitations. If you are looking for a spring or summer color combination, this is perfect!

maroon and navy wedding colors maroon navy and blush

Maroon + Navy + White

If you have no idea what color to combine with the maroon and navy palette, then take the white. Stylish maroon bridesmaid dresses, men’s tie and square; your white bridal gown and perfect maroon and navy bouquet – these are super elegant wedding looks for such a wedding. White plates and menu on navy tablecloths, navy men’s suits, and to crown it all – a navy and white wedding cake! Get inspired by the ideas below and get the most elegant seaside wedding ever!

maroon and navy wedding colors maroon navy and white

Maroon + Navy + Peach

Peach color is a good choice to accent the maroon and navy wedding. Elegant and sweet, peach is the perfect balance of warm and cool and allows for perfect matched within your wedding decors. White bridal gown, navy men’s suit paired with peach boutonniere, maroon bridesmaid dresses, as well as maroon and peach bouquet, white wedding cake dotted with peach and maroon blooms…all of these will make your wedding sophisticated and outstanding.

maroon and navy wedding colors maroon navy and peach

Maroon + Navy + Gold

This simple addition of gold elevates the look by making the maroon and navy palette a little more mature and dramatic. This contrasting combo is perfect for any type of décor and for your outfits. Navy bridesmaid dresses, and maroon and greenery bouquet with gold sash, navy table runner and gilded tableware, maroon can cooler with golded calligraphy… the little touch of gold goes a long way!

maroon and navy wedding colors maroon navy and gold

Maroon + Navy + Orange

Maroon, navy and orange is a cool rich color palette that is perfect for fall seasons. Girls dressed in navy blue dresses and holding maroon and orange bouquets, hay bale and pumpkin decorations makes you feel like fall is here. This palette can be also carried into the tablecloths, centerpiece, and even into name cards. Well, I love this bold pairing, and each colour will make the other pop and appear to be brighter.

maroon and navy wedding colors maroon navy and orange

Maroon + Navy + Plum

If you’re like me and are attracted to rich, dynamic and bold colours, consider a plum, maroon and navy blue wedding palette for a fall or winter wedding. Arrange plum or maroon dresses for your bridesmaids, and navy suits for groomsmen are super chic. It also works well in wedding cake, invitation and table setting. Here are some ways you can utilize them in a variety of ways to fulfill your dream wedding theme.

maroon and navy wedding colors maroon navy and plum

Maroon + Navy + Copper

There are countless color combinations that are flattering for a wedding but one of the best color schemes wedding couples are embracing is maroon, navy and copper. The color combination works well on everything from the place settings and napkins to the centerpiece and table runner. It can also be worked into the invitation, the decor of the venue and, in some cases even the navy dress worn by the bridesmaids. It gives them many options when it comes to personalizing the wedding to match their tastes.

maroon and navy wedding colors maroon navy and copper

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Top 7 Maroon and Navy Wedding Color Ideas

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