Top 8 Navy Blue Fall Wedding Color Combos

It will be a perfect choice for you to tie the knot in fall. Navy blue can totally express the season fall. It is the favorite color in the blue family, which is a charming and elegant version of blue. Celebrate the season’s natural beauty with stunning navy blue and other kinds of different color shades, such as burgundy, gold, grey, blush, lavender, orange, rust and silver. To get some ideas, check out these fall wedding navy blue color combos we are loving!

Navy Blue + Burgundy

Navy blue and burgundy is a popular fall wedding color combination. Burgundy is a wedding color that isn’t going away anytime soon! Navy blue men’s attires together with burgundy ties, navy blue invitation with burgundy flower pattern, as well as burgundy bridesmaid dresses, navy blue wedding favors and elegant white bridal gown create your perfect fall wedding colors! By adding flowers of burgundy in burgundy bouquets and navy blue wedding cake, you can built the perfect palette for your big day!

navy blue fall wedding colors navy blue and burgundy

Navy Blue + Gold

The timeless shades of navy and gold is a classic color scheme. Navy blue can be used for groom and groomsmen’s suits, wedding cakes, invitations and table cloth. You can choose gold bridesmaid dresses for your leading girls and add gold wedding cake topper to cakes, gold prints to wedding invites and gold wedding plate on navy tablecloth. White bridal gown can go with the two colors perfectly. Navy blue and gold can create the wonderful palette for your fall wedding!

navy blue fall wedding colors navy blue and gold

Navy Blue + Grey

Navy blue and grey is a very stylish color scheme. It is so elegant and simple that the color scheme is perfect for fall wedding. Here’s a gorgeous palette perfectly blends the two colors into your fall wedding inspiration, such as navy blue bridesmaid dresses, grey men attires, navy blue groomsmen’s ties, invitations of both the two colors, navy blue shoes, wedding cake with decorations in both navy blue and grey. You can add some pale colors as well, such as white bridal gown and champagne bouquets.

navy blue fall wedding colors navy blue and grey

Navy Blue + Blush

Blush is a super romantic color. It makes items in your wedding look elegant, lovely and warm, especially for a fall wedding! It is a warm and inviting color palette of navy blue and blush. Choose the following elements for your big day, navy blue men’s attires with blush tie and boutonniere, navy blue wedding invitation with blush sash, tiered wedding cake with navy bottom layer and blush flower decoration etc. In this color palette, it will be great to choose blush bridesmaid dresses for your ladies.

navy navy blue fall wedding colors navy blue and blush

Navy Blue + Lavender

Lavender is a soft and romantic shade of purple. It can work well with navy blue. This color combination is perfect for a fall celebration. Bring lavender into your finer details. Preparing table garland with real lavender and lavender dessert. Choose lavender bridesmaid dresses and lavender men’s ties. Then use navy blue color for men’s attires and flower girl dresses. All these will fulfill your lavender fall dreams.

navy blue fall wedding colors navy blue and lavender

Navy Blue + Orange

Orange is known as a color of creativity and joy. It is also flattering when paired with navy blue. They make a perfect pair for a fall wedding. If the bride wears a white dress, then choose a bouquets with white and orange flowers. Use orange bridesmaid dresses and navy blue men’s suit and tie. We love this orange white wedding cake!

navy blue fall wedding colors navy blue and orange

Navy Blue + Rust

Rust color palette is trending for fall weddings. A rust palette adds natural elegance to a fall wedding with shade of navy blue. Rust dresses will make your white dress pop. Groom with navy suit and rust tie and boutonniere as well as rust wedding plate with navy napkin will add a touch of fall to the wedding. Also mix rust with white flowers in bridal wedding bouquets. We hope these ideas can give you lots of great inspiration for your big day!

navy blue fall wedding colors navy blue and rust

Navy Blue + Silver

Silver is one of our favorite wedding colors to use since its classic style. Silver and navy blue can make your fall wedding venue seems elegant and noble. Navy blue dresses with silver belt look so noble and gorgeous. Pair it with white bridal gown. Choose navy blue and silver table numbers cards, silver wedding table cloth, silver wedding chair with navy sash to make this color palette elegant.

navy blue fall wedding colors navy blue and silver

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