Best 8 Summer Wedding Color Combos for 2021

Is it too early to plan your wedding in 2021? Absolutely not! It is not that easy to choose wedding color palette. If your wedding will be held in summer, it will be great since there are many fresh colors in this season. Since wedding are very personal and everyone want to have a unique wedding. Here we recommend you 8 summer wedding color combos for 2021 which will make your wedding be different from others.

Yellow + Green

Yellow, representing optimism, joy and cheer, is one of the most perfect color in summer weddings, especially combining with green. White bride with sunflower and greenery bouquet will be flattered greatly. Wedding cake, boutonniere, table centerpiece and wedding invitations in this color combos look so fresh.

Summer Wedding Color Palettes 2021 - Yellow and Green

Blush + Burgundy

Burgundy becomes very trendy in wedding in recent years. You may be worry about it is too dark to use in summer. The blush color can well balance it since the light tone looks so romantic and lovely. You can mix blush and burgundy color in bridesmaid dresses wedding cupcakes, bouquets and table flower decorations. Image the bride in white bridal gown stand among ladies some in blush dresses and some in burgundy dresses! That will be a beautiful scene!

Summer Wedding Color Palettes 2021 - Blush + Burgundy

Lavender + Gray

Lavender, a soft shade of the color purple, indicates elegance, refinement and something romantic. Just let your nuptials be awash in the majestic hue, accented with gray for an earthly feel. Bride in white bridal gown in lavender land, groom with navy suit and lavender tie, groomsmen in gray suits and lavender tie, as well as wedding invites and wedding venue decorations in this two tone, all seems so harmoniously!

Summer Wedding Color Palettes 2021 - Lavender + Gray

Teal + Coral

Have you ever thought to make teal and coral, the two strong contrasting colors, as your wedding color palettes. Brides in classic white bride gown, bridesmaids in teal dresses and coral dresses, as well as wedding macaroons in coral and teal, groom in white shirt with teal tie and coral boutonniere etc. will make your wedding stand out!

Summer Wedding Color Palettes 2021 - Teal + Coral

Navy + Peach

A great alternative to black, navy blue is more traditional in wedding. Peach is softer and gentler in their energy. The two color combination is fantastic, contrasting and beautiful for a summer wedding. White bridal gown, navy blue bridesmaid dresses, and blue suit with navy tie and peach boutonniere, navy table cloth with peach chargers, navy wedding invites with peach ribbon, a peach cake and navy decorations etc. will give you more ideas on this color scheme!

Summer Wedding Color Palettes 2021 - Navy + Peach

Light Blue + Green

In weddings, light blue tones provoke feelings of tranquility, peace and spirituality. Green reveals a modern sensibility. This color palette is perfect for summer wedding. Bride in white gown and bridesmaids in light blue dresses with white and greenery bouquet, wedding flowers decorated in wedding venue and arch, wedding shoes, cakes and invites in light blue etc. will give you a memorable wedding!

Summer Wedding Color Palettes 2021 - Light Blue + Green

Blush + Gold

Blush is a romantic and feminine color while gold elevates elegance. This color combination is ideal for summer wedding. Blush bridal gown looks unusual and unique. Gold chair with blush sash decoration, grey suit with blush tie and white and gold boutonniere, table centerpiece with blush flower and greenery and gold candleetc. look so stunning.

Summer Wedding Color Palettes 2021 - Blush + Gold

Royal Blue + Fuschia

Royal blue, indicating nobility and elegance, is a very classic color in wedding. Fuschia evokes the tenderest romance. The two color combos is truly a passionate palette. Bride in white gown and leading girls in royal blue dresses with fuschia bouquets, royal blue vase with fuschia flowers, wedding shoes and invitations in the color scheme will give you a guide.

Spring Wedding Color Palettes 2021 - Royal Blue + Fuschia
Best 8 Summer Wedding Color Combos for 2021

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