Top 8 Summer Wedding Color Combos for 2020

Summer is always considered to be the best season for weddings. Summer weddings allow many creative and fun ideas to the nuptial. In choosing your summer colours, ensure they complement each other as well as to your personality. Bright colors, warm sunshine, and cool greens are a few of my favorite things when it comes to summertime. If you’re looking for summer wedding color ideas, you can’t go wrong by incorporating all of the above in your color palette! Decorating your wedding with those fun ideas will make a difference to you. It’ll be more meaningful.

Mauve + Green

As a gorgeous, muted shade of light purple that has a slight touch of grey, mauve and green a great choice for an elegant, rich feeling summer weddings. From table and chair decors to tasty food items, from bouquets to the table settings, this combination is suitable for a woodland or rustic wedding ceremony.

Summer Wedding Color Palettes 2020 - Mauve and Green

Red + Orange

A hot summer color palette, and what better way to celebrate your love than in red and yellow? Add a touch of greenery for an elegant twist on this classic wedding color palette. Dressed your girls with mix and match with different orange and red dresses. This way, your girls can pick their favourite colour and they can be sure it matches their skin-tone.

Summer Wedding Color Palettes 2020 - Red and Orange

Light Blue + Yellow

Light blue and yellow pair perfectly in this classic summer wedding color palette, it is both soothing and lively and can easily suit any wedding venue! Light blue bridesmaids dresses are best complemented by yellow bouquets. From Centerpieces to wedding cake, there are so many ways that light blue and yellow can be used together.

Summer Wedding Color Palettes 2020 - Light Blue and Yellow

Mint + Fuschia

Love the ocean or having a seaside wedding? Mint is always the brilliant choice for a summer seaside outdoor wedding, it’s outstanding when combinate with fuschia and mint. From the mint bridesmaid dresses to the overall decor of the event, this combination guarantees an easy-on-the-eyes and fresh and relaxed aura.

Summer Wedding Color Palettes 2020 - Mint and Fuschia

Lilac + Pink

Lilac and pink give off a romantic vibe, not too bold, not too pink, not too purple, this subtle hue is making its way into more and more wedding palettes. It’s no more pretty than a bride in white gown with lilac and pink bouquets. Also wooden table with lilac napkins, pink and lilac flower centerpieces, white wedding cake with lilac and pink flower decorations, and Men in black suits will be an perfect summer wedding color combinations for 2020.

Summer Wedding Color Palettes 2020 - Lilac + Pink

Coral + Peach

There’s nothing better than fresh-squeezed fruit on a hot, summer day. This summer wedding color palette incorporates tangy hues of coral and peach for a summer wedding. Your girls will look beautiful in coral dresses with peach and green bouquets. Besides, these two colors can be easliy used in table settings, decorations, drinks… perfect for an outdoor summer wedding.

Summer Wedding Color Palettes 2020 - Coral + Peach

Light Pink + Gold

Light Pink and gold are two of the most beloved colors for weddings, and together they embody everything you want your wedding day to be: elegant, fun, glamorous and glitzy! There are so many beautiful ways to express your chosen theme through your wedding: light pink bridesmaids dresses, gold glasses, pink macaroon towers with gold flowers, light pink roses with golden leaves… As long as you’ve included the two shades, it’s bound to look wonderful.

Summer Wedding Color Palettes 2020 - Light Pink + Gold

Ice Blue + Peach

If bright colors aren’t your thing, then you’ll love this soft wedding palette. Ice blue and peach work together peacefully for a soft and timeless summer wedding palette. Bridesmaids in ice blue, as well as bouquets of blue and peach flowers, ice blue tablecloths, peach flower centerpieces with blue accent, ice blue and peach chair decorations… What a great combination for a summer wedding!

Summer Wedding Color Palettes 2020 - Ice Blue + Peach

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Top 8 Summer Wedding Color Combos for 2020

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