8 Perfect April Wedding Color Combos for 2020

“Marry in April if you can, joy for maiden and for man.” April is a month of love and growth both individually and as a couple. When we talk about April weddings, most of us will can’t help but imagine bright and soft hues, cheerful and fresh atmosphere. Now read over these 8 perfect combos for a vibrant and lovely celebration for you spring weddings!

Peach + Yellow

This springy pastel combo is the perfect pairing for a sweet spring wedding. The soft peach and greenery are perfectly balanced with a bold pop of yellow, which adds a modern and bright touch. Play up the youthful vibe with details like short peach bridesmaid dresses, and peach wedding cake with soft yellow flowers and colorful bridal bouquet to bring you back to carefree summers of childhood.

april wedding color combos 2020: Peach + Yellow

Yellow + Green

Yellow and green wedding color combo looks bright and sunny. Yellow bridesmaid dresses with yellow and green bouquet is a beautiful scene in April. And wedding cake in yellow color with pink flowers will be also gorgeous!

april wedding color combos 2020: Yellow + Green

Mint + Pink

As we all know, mint is perfect for spring and pink is a color for all seasons. These two colors match together, can show the tender and sweet of April wedding maximally. Mint wedding invitation decorated with soft pink flowers, girls in mint green bridesmaid dresses holding yellow and shades of pink flowers, all of these are perfect for April outdoor lawn weddings.

april wedding color combos 2020: Mint + Pink

Dusty Blue + Green

If you want a fresh style wedding, you can’t go wrong with a dusty blue palette especially paired with green! From rustic wedding background to wedding table decor, these two colors can be matched almost perfectly. Girls in dusty blue bridesmaid dresses, holding white and green bouquet, also white wedding cake decorated with greenery will be a great choice.

april wedding color combos 2020: Dusty Blue + Green

White + Greenery

The natural white and greenery color palette has become more and more popular since the growing popularity of organic weddings. Many brides like this palette for the simplicity, the romance, and softness. White flower girl’s dress, simple white wedding cake with greenery details, wedding reception sign and greenery boutonniere for groomsmen…

april wedding color combos 2020: White + Greenery

Blush + Green

What are the most popular colors for Spring wedding events? Blush is unboubtely the number One among the top color list. Delicate and elegant, this super romantic color makes everything in your wedding event look beautiful, lovely and breathtaking! From white wedding dresses, blush bridesmaid dresses, wedding arch and aisle runner, to flower wedding centerpiece, wedding cake and wedding invitations, create a perfect wedding day to never forget!

april wedding color combos 2020: Blush + Green

Dusty Rose + Navy

Dusty rose and navy blue — This perfect pairing creates a wedding theme that’s dreamy, luxurious and undeniably romantic. White wedding gown look super glamorous against dusty rose bridesmaid dresses and the navy blue groomsmen suit. The wedding table runner made in dusty rose color look so beautiful.

april wedding color combos 2020: Dusty Rose + Navy

Black + Green

Green is truly mother nature’s favorite color, so it goes with pretty much anything and everything! Pairing it with white and black will look fantastic and could be appropriate for April Wedding. For a classic look, you could concentrate on elegance with simple black borders on your invitations, table linens and decor, sophisticated white accents in your bridal and wedding flower fashion, and small green accents in light and dark shades to bring in the fresh feeling of spring.

april wedding color combos 2020: Black + Green

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